Button hole tantrum over

Ok. It wasn’t that bad. I fixed the cardigan. And it wasn’t even all that hard.

This goes out to all those knitters who may have read my previous post and have been frightened away from button holes forever.

I had a tantrum. It’s not that bad. By it is a finicky process and you have to do it right. Gauge is really important.

1) I removed the button hole band on Friday night. Then I removed all of the sewn on buttons.

2) I left the button band itself attached to my cardigan because it was the right length. The pattern recommended that I knit it most of the way, then attach it while it was still on the needles so that I could more easily determine if I needed more or less length. Good tip.

3) I counted rows of my button band to find out how many rows I would need to knit for my button hole band. No more measuring with a measuring tape for me. I’m going to measure by the only yardstick that means anything in knitting. My actual gauge.

4) I then figured out my button placements based in the number of rows. Evenly spaced and everything. I sewed the buttons on.

5) I cast on the button hole band, counting my rows very carefully, spacing my button holes so they corresponded exactly to the placement of my buttons. This worked very well.

6) Before sewing up I actually buttoned the button hole band on over the button band to ensure that it would not stretch unpredictably. And it didn’t. Everything was perfect.

Victory. I declare victory.

I’m don’t know if this description is at all similar to what knitting teachers tell you to do. But it worked for me.




  1. the stupid button band is conquered and the sweater looks fantastic! You *almost* have inspired me to install a zipper on a sweater vest that has been done but for the zipper for a year now. How hard can it be??? πŸ™‚

  2. It looks fabulous, and I love your smile of victory. Tantrum away for something as annoying as that, but I am so glad you got it to work. The sweater looks great and the buttons and button bands really tie it all together. Congrats!

  3. Sometimes all we need to do is get a problem out into the open and poof! solved! Your sweater (and you) looks fabulous!
    p.s. You have given me courage to finish that last 1% of a child’s sweater that has languished for a year and a half b/c I was afraid of the buttonholes.

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