A Yarn-Based Perpetual Motion Machine

At the Minnesota Knitters Guild meeting last week I saw a knitter sitting in the front row wearing the Hitofude Cardigan. During our first break, I stopped by to congratulate her on her lovely KO. “You know what?” I told her, ” I have your cardigan on my needles right now.”

Later that night, one of the knitters shared a glorious Hitofude variation she had knit for the MN State Fair. This prompted other knitters from the audience to “testify” about their own Hitofudes.

From talking to other knitters, I get the feeling that everyone who’s knitting Hitofude is having experiences like this. No sooner do you cast on than you meet someone else who has knitted it. And three more people who have just started. It’s a yarn-based perpetual motion machine.

Here’s my finished cardigan.

I knitted it out of 2.25 hanks of Sun Valley MCN in the Frosted Pine colorway.



I really love this cardigan. It’s very flattering and wearable. I’ve heard people with a variety of body shapes say this too.

My experience knitting this cardigan was so positive, and I am so inspired by the glorious Hitofude variation I mentioned above. I may have to knit it again using a different lace pattern.

The yarn-based perpetual motion machine grinds on.


  1. It is making the rounds in the guild here in St. Louis and at a local knitting shop. Seeing all the finished projects and yours, of course, has inspired me! It’s only a matter of time until I cast on 🙂

  2. Thanks for your post – you have inspired me to knit the Hitofude Cardigan. Such a beautiful fit and drape – I love it.

    • I do too. Although it’s definitely more involved. It requires three different needle sizes and a bit of finagling, IIRC from her presentation.

  3. Too funny–I just saw a finished Hifotude the other day on Chrissie Knits Too Much. Subliminal bloggy messages? I couldn’t visualize the fit seeing it laid flat, but when worn it is quite pretty!

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