A Cozy New Sweater Just in Time for Autumn

It’s going to be 80 in southern Minnesota today. The leaves are still firmly attached to the trees and stubbornly green. But in a few weeks all of that is going to change and I’m going to be ready.

Over Labor Day weekend, I finally finished weaving in the ends on my Plum Island Pullover. ย It’s a simple, gansey style sweater, with a slouchy, comfortable shape. The pattern is by Alison Green.

The decided to knit this sweater during one of those rare moments of yarn-related serendipity. I had a pattern I wanted to knit andย exactly the right yarn in my stash, the right yardage and everything. ย How often does that happen?

I used Imperial Yarns Columbia in the Indigo Heather colorway.




    • We are in Milwaukee, and I am praying for those cooler temperatures this week. Just not the drastic ones. Probably mid 60s would be sweet.

      Love the sweater!

    • I’m trying not to use this to justify the size of my stash. I’m supposed to be reducing it not finding excuses to build it up.

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