A Marigold Shawl Knit From Handspun

I vowed to knit more from handspun in 2014 and I’m making excellent progress. I just finished my second such project of 2014.

The pattern is Marigold, by Susanna IC.  The original was knitted in a stunning variegated orange sock yarn, by Socktopus, which sadly has been discontinued.

I chose a two-ply yarn I spun from Sweet Georgia BFL+Silk in the Woodland colorway.

I love the greens and golds in this fiber. It’s a very well-named colorway. A friend in my knitting group, admiring the yarn, actually said, “It reminds me of a woodland.” She said this completely unprompted. I hadn’t even had the chance to plant the word in her mind through hours of seemingly-random suggestion. Cool, huh?

My two-ply.


1) I knitted four extra repeats of the center lace pattern in my shawl. Not on purpose. It was one of those things where I decided, after I had already done it, that I might as well go with it. So after I had made the mistake on one half on the shawl, I duplicated it on the other side. It makes the shawl a bit longer. I had to block it in two parts because I ran out of space.

2) The original pattern called for beads. I left those out and I don’t think I miss them. I didn’t have anything in my (very small) bead stash that was right for this shawl anyway.


    • Thanks. I had meant to be knitting sweaters this winter, but lace keeps coming out of my needles. Maybe I need new needles….

    • Thanks! I’m trying to be careful about picking forgiving patterns for my handspun.

      Now I have to decide who it’s for. I may be getting WAY ahead on my Christmas knitting.

    • Honestly, I didn’t do anything. I had two braids of the same colorway and spun them straight. Then wound them off onto two spare bobbins and plied them. Now that I’ve had some classes about color in spinning I might choose to do my blending/not blending more intentionally.

  1. You do realise that Socktopus still lives, don’t you? whimzy.co.uk It’s run by Ling now (Alice Yu’s partner who took over the yarn dyeing business). I’m very happy I rediscovered it….!!
    More importantly, love your shawl! Your spinning is amazing.

      • I think it’s quite confusing how that was done. It’s still the same base, same dyer, just different business name. I only stumbled across the new website recently – quite happy now! 😀

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