Devil May Care Spinning

Christmas knitting is behind me and my spinning has exploded. All my suppressed desire to spin is erupting, spurting wildly out of my wheel.

I have a strong desire to try new things.

For the first time, I’m giving long draw spinning a real chance. I’m spinning whole batts this way. In the past, I’ve typically spun small bits of wool using this technique, then freaked out a bit and switched over to a more combined technique or  straight up worsted.

This time, I’m not giving myself any excuses. I’m willing to accept the discomfort. I’m going to embrace it.  I’m telling myself, “I don’t care how this turns out. It doesn’t have to look nice. I’m going to let the fiber do what it wants. We’ll see if my fingers can catch up.”

A blue-gray mix of wool and mohair. A lot of thick-and-thin going on. But I find the contrast kind of attractive.
A wild mix of yellow, green and purple. Like an Imperialis butterfly perched on a leaf. All wool.

I also treated myself to a little candy spinning. That’s how I think of core spinning. A glorious, shiny, sweet coating on the outside with a sturdy contrasting center. Like a Twix bar.

A core of trusty blue Cascade Heritage sock on the inside, coated in a sparkly batt from BohoKnitter Chic.

For a first attempt, I would say this isn’t half bad. I’ve read a few articles on core spinning and seen a few photos. I have  a vague sense of how this technique is supposed to work. It’s very freeing to think that I can sit down with my wheel and a half-baked notion of what to do and I can reliably come up with something pretty.

What next? I feel as though I might need more candy…


    • Have any ideas for the sparkly stuff? I’m actually sort of stumped. Angelina is pretty but a trifle prickly and on the sheddy side.

  1. Beautiful! I’m always so jealous of people who spin. It’s one of those things that I always mean to get into, but never have the time for.

    • Spinning has been around for thousands of years. Not going anywhere. So I’m sure, when you have time, it’ll be here for you.

      • I just finished some pink and orange merino/silk from Three Waters Farm (love them!) and I’m about to bust into my mixed BFL/silk from Woolgatherings (also adore!) I got a spinning wheel for Christmas, (which I still need to blog) and I’m desperately in love.

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