Knitting Last Minute Christmas FOs

It’s been a scramble to get the last of my Christmas knitting done. But I’m proud to announce that I have gotten it all done. BONUS! And before Christmas Eve too. DOUBLE BONUS!!

Mittens knitted for my manager. She was nice enough to model them for me. Design is Cruiser by Cailyn Meyer as seen on Ravelry. I used some of my own hand-spun yarn.
Knitted from Sun Valley Fibers MCN. Pattern is Tidal Flats by Melissa Thomson as seen on Ravelry.
Pattern is “A little lonely cable” by Joji Locatelli. This hat doesn’t really lay flat or look like much until it’s worn. The little lonely cable is very cute.
I couldn’t do all that knitting for other and none for me. Pattern is Svalbard by Bristol Ivy. Knitted in Three Irish Girls 100% wool. Colorway is Nightcap.

I’m feeling merrier already.


  1. Sadly I left my ‘knitting for Christmas’ run too late…. I have good intentions to make one gift every month of 2014 & I think those mittens you made will be 1st on my list ~ I’ll let you know how I get on 😉

  2. Hallo

    Please could you tell me if there are any corrections done on the little lonely cable hat pattern, should i carry on with rnd 1-8 5 times or should i only do round 3-7 because i do t understand why there is ribbing rows inbetween the cable rows!

    Would kindly appreciate if you could maybe help me as i dont know what i should do now!

    Kind regards

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