Knit Me Up, Scotty! Star Trek Inspired Knits

The new Star Trek movie opens today. It has gotten middling reviews, but I’ll probably see it on the big screen anyway. After all, it features Benedict Cumberbatch (a.k.a. Sherlock) as the villain.

I’m no Star Trek fan girl, but I’m a big fan of the knitted items its fans come up with. I appreciate the love, effort and attention to detail that the fans are willing to invest. Really, it’s no different from the Jane Austen themed knitwear craze.

Here are a few of my favorite Star Trek themed patterns.

Criteria for selection: The pattern has to wow me in some way without creeping me out (I’m, talking to you, enormous-head-of -Captain Kirk hook rug and Zachary Quinto/Spock fan-sweater ).

Trek Girl Dress

This pattern not only evokes the sexy style of women on the original series, it also looks wearable. The skirt is a bit short, but it would probably be OK over leggings. It’s the perfect example of Trekwear that’s not just for conventions. I’m a little worried about that rolled hem though: it seems to want to continue to travel upward. Is that just my imagination?

by Toni Carr, as seen on Ravelry and in Knits for Nerds

Spock Mittens

Such a clever idea. I wonder if it affords any added manual dexterity, useful when you need to work outside in the winter. Again, this is not a sock-you-in-the-face-with-my-geekiness project. It’s subtle.

Spock mittens by Amy Molnar, as seen on Ravelry

Borg Fingerless Gloves

At first glance, these look like innocent cabled mitts, but there’s something much more sinister at work. Here’s how the author describes them:

These intricate cabled gloves are inspired by everyone’s favorite villainous collective, the Borg. The travelling cables reminded me of Seven of Nine and the Borg Queen’s bodacious Borg implants – nanotubes everywhere! Make a pair for yourself or the favorite Trekkie in your life, and remember: We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Borg Fingerless Gloves by Sam, as seen on Ravelry and in Tea and Trilithium’s Ravelry Shop

Junior Crew Member Onesie

It is a truth universally acknowledged that children can get away with wearing tutus, capes, and Freddie masks year round, not just at Halloween. And babies get even more leeway. I’m very tempted to knit one of these next time a friend decides to spawn.

Star Trek Junior by Sara Swärd, as seen on Ravelry


  1. I was really afraid to click the link to the Enormous Head of Captain Kirk hooked rug but I did. I’ll never be the same:) I really like the Spock Mittens!

  2. I am totally ashamed to admit it as I’m far too old, but I have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. He was ultra sexy as Holmes and I’m convinced that playing a baddy will just make him even more yummy. I shall now slink off ashamed for going public. And do some knitting.

  3. Haa…LOVE the Spock Mittens! Not sure how they practical they are when you need to handle things with these gloves on but they sure are funny! By the way, I just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award ❤ I think you have a sweet blog so you definitely deserve this! To receive it, simply visit and follow the rules to start spreading some sweetness of your own 🙂 Congratulations!

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