I fall upon my knitting like a ravening beastie

My life is so full of musts right now.

Must drag myself through thesis revisions.

Must get/keep myself in shape so the wedding dress fits

Must fix the air conditioner/vacuum/house wiring

Must clean the house after months of semi-neglect (all school related)

Must tend to the yard/eradicate dandelions

Must cajole fiancée into choosing a suit for the wedding

Must eat the spinach in the fridge before it goes bad

Must buy plane tickets

Must work at least 8 hours a day because losing this job would be a bad thing

I must do so many things right now. But there are no musts related to my knitting. Or spinning. So when I can’t pursue my musts a moment longer, I fall upon my fiber like a ravening beastie. Oh, sweet strands of twisted bliss! Take this ache out of my chest for just a little while.

Despite my level of stress and busy-ness, I still seem to be making lots of progress on my craft projects. Last night I looked at my Hitchhiker and realized that I was almost done. When did all that knitting happen? How did I miss it? It’s lost in a fibrous fever dream.


  1. Great post.

    I can always tell how the rest of my life is going based on what I’m choosing to work on in my knitting life. Recently, I went through a mad spate of dishcloth making, prompted I think by life being complicated by medical issues making me feel tired and fuzzy-brained. I needed something to keep my hands moving and not make me think.

    When I’m feeling well and optimistic and high-energy, I cast on lace projects or sweaters or Fair Isle or…well you get the picture.

    Not that you asked for advice but I’ll give a little anyway – drop as many “musts” as you can, to make room in your life for the lovely spontaneous stuff that we miss when we’re busy worrying about the spinach in the fridge or updating the electrical. Most of them can wait, and often you’ll find that the others weren’t that important anyway.

    Now, the thesis and the wedding plans, though…that’s a different story.

  2. I know this feeling! My musts are mostly work related but it was made all the more apparent that I rely on knitting as my escape when I did a little video of how I knit to show someone and she commented on the little sigh that apparently escaped when I started to knit. She compared it to the sound her cat makes when settling in someplace cozy…

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