19 Reasons I Wish I Had My Knitting With Me Right Now

1) I’m at a work dinner surrounded by people who are talking shop, only on a plane of knowledge and experience that makes me feel like a paramecium. If only I had a suitable conversation piece to redirect the discussion to more familiar territory.

2) I’m attending an hour-long meeting, only five minutes of which actually applies to me.

3) I don’t know how to sit at a restaurant waiting for food without something to do. Knitting has ruined me for fine dining.

4) Christmas with the in-laws. Lots and lots of time spent with people who are nice, but unfamiliar. I want to impress them. Knitting is ladylike and productive.

5) I’m trying to stay awake during a finance presentation. Spreadsheets do it to me every time.

6) I had no idea one short errand would turn into five errands.

7) Leaving my cat at the vet for treatment is almost as stressful for me as it is for him.

8) That lady two rows away on the bus is knitting and I’m jealous.

9) I wish there was some way to knit while running on a treadmill. I would be in such good shape.

10) Someone just gave me an end-of-day deadline at 4:12 pm. I need something to prevent me chucking my computer out the window.

11) My SO is addicted to a really terrible  super heroes cartoon. I need something to do while I pretend to watch it.

12) I can’t sit in the dark with nothing to do, even at a concert.

13) All the good celebrity magazines are next to the other pedicure chair.

14) My SO has disappeared into the Lego store. He may never come out again.

15) I’m trying to cut calories so I need something to distract myself from the appetizer tray.

16) I’m at a New Years party, which these days is half kiddie play date. Lots of sitting around watching munchkins suck on wooden blocks.

17) I just discovered I’m lactose intolerant and I’m a little pissed that I can no longer order the cheese plate. But at least I can still have this awesome yarn.

18) I’m watching a dance movie where the dancing is the only point. I need to fill in the empty spaces between awesome dance numbers.

19) I might discover a new Ravelry friend. When I whip out my knitting they pop out of the woodwork.


  1. All very good and valid reasons.

    I wish I could knit at work – but somehow I feel that would be overstepping the mark.

    My worst knittingless experience was taking my Bloke to the dentist for a checkup. We ended up being there for 4 hours while he had his wisdom teeth removed unexpectedly. Knitting would have been really useful.
    Always be prepared.

  2. Too funny! This is totally me…in fact I try and have a knitting project in my purse at all times. But then occasionally I find I have taken it out and it is always for one of those situations that you really NEED it! I’m reblogging this post at sewknitcreate.wordpress.com I love it so much.

  3. Ha, ha! I just took up knitting a month or so ago, and I’m already hooked! These were great! I knit in the car on the way to church since it’s one of the few times I get to be a passenger instead of a driver and I asked my husband “do you think it’s totally disrespectful to knit during church?”. To which he replied “yes, because it distracts other people”. So the yarn remained sadly in the car; however, I think I’m a better listener when my hands are busy!

    Thoughts on knitting during church? Disrespectful, distracting?

  4. I love your post ! yesterday I was waiting at the restaurant and I was so uncomfortable I hadn’t brought something to knit or crochet !

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