Wedding Shawl: Off to the Races

Last week I started knitting what I hope will be my glorious lace wedding shawl. 

By popular demand (and also because I liked this pattern a whole heck of a lot) I am knitting Fiori Di Sole, by Romi Hill.

Fiori Di Sole, by Romi Hill, as seen on Ravelry.

I wasn’t totally sold on this shawl, until one of by blog commenters suggested using gold silk. I had a sudden vision of myself wrapped in warmth and light. A golden glow. I knew that was IT.

I went to Webs to search for the right yarn, and darn if it wasn’t almost impossible to find the right color and fiber content in the right weight. There were lots of wonderful options in worsted or fingering weight, but not very many options in lace weight. Usually my problem when shopping on Webs is that I’m spoiled for choice, not that I come up dry.

Much Googling ensued and eventually I stumbled upon the Loopy Ewe’s Web site, where I found a cashmere/silk blend  by Sweet Georgia that was just the ticket.

Cashsilk Lace by Sweet Georgia, as seen at

And what ticket it was, at $35 per skein. I had to remind myself:

It’s OK. This is for your wedding. You’re buying this yarn instead of a fancy dress. For the price of the 4 skeins you need you wouldn’t even be able to buy a veil at Kleinfeld’s


Say No to the Dress. Say Yes to the Shawl. 

So I ordered the yarn and began working with it almost as soon as it arrived.

Charts A -D flew by. Now I’m working on five repeats of Chart E. Many many rows of cute little leaves.

Fiori in progress

I’ve only made a few mistakes so far, but they’re not obvious and I’m not telling you where they are.

This shawl is so much fun to knit, so long as I remember to use lots of markers. I love lace. It keeps me entertained for hours. Joy to the lace…la la la la.

Just watch. My next post will be about how much I hate lace and how I want it to curl up and die.

To be continued…


  1. Q – Fabulous!!! The yarn is to die for. And, I love Romi Hill’s patterns and yes I use TONS of markers when knitting her designs. You will make a stunning bride.

  2. ooh Purdy!!!!
    (that’s ‘pretty’ in the voice i usually reserve for polka-dot delights, squishy yarn, and when I want to say squee but know that it will take too long to explain what squee means)

    You are going to be such a happy bride.

  3. You’re going to look gorgeous! Let’s just hope that not some crazy knitter ruins the ceremony by sidling up to you, fingering your shawl and taking notes of the lace pattern… 🙂

  4. I got engaged a couple of months ago and I’ve already had to talk myself down from the ledge of craziness that would be knitting my own dress and/or my own veil. But knitting a shawl? That seems totally doable…..

    Good luck with yours – it’s gorgeous!

  5. I love SweetGeorgia’s yarns, the colours are so lush. I realize this may be a little late, but can I recommend putting in a lifeline somewhere? Just in case you realize there’s a mistake and have to rip back, it would save you ripping to who knows where, and (probably) give you a little piece of mind.

    I cannot wait to see this finished!

  6. Yay!!! Love the shawl, love the yarn!!!! This is going to be sooo pretty!!! Can’t wait to see this finished!!

  7. this will be gorgeous, you’ll be a wonderful bride with your unusual dress and this beauty. don’t worry about the mistakes, you’re the only one to know where they are, nobody will notice them

  8. […] To be honest: I never thought about doing anything lace at all. Until, very early this year, All She Wants To Do Is Knit started blogging about lace, “lazy-ness,” and her wedding shawl. Trying to decide on a […]

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