My Spinning Wheel Has a Friend: Bob Ross Would Approve

My trusty Lendrum has a new little brother–a Louet Victoria.

The new pair of brothers. Makes me wish I had four hands. I wonder if I can learn to spin with my feet.
The new pair of brothers. Makes me wish I had four hands. I wonder if I can learn to spin with my feet.

I found a wonderful deal on the Ravelry Spinners Marketplace  for the little Louet. He was little-used and  lonely, living in Hawaii. Do they even have sheep in Hawaii? I offered him the opportunity to come to Minnesota where we  have lots of use for wooly hand-spun and he jumped at the chance. That is to say, the footman jumped and the wheel twirled a bit. Same thing, really.

Why do I need a second wheel?  In June I’m planning to go to Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon (yipee!) and I ‘m determined to take advantage of the spinning workshops and other learning opportunities. This wheel is perfect. It’s one of the lightest of the  available travel wheels and, in its travel case, it’s small enough for an airline carry-on. This wheel is also perfect to carry to spinning parties and classes, and to take on car trips.

The Lendrum is still the superior workhorse wheel. It’s both stabler and more versatile than the Louet. But no worries. I don’t intend  to foster sibling rivalry. They’ll both get plenty of attention and exercise.

Here’s the Falkland I’m spinning on the Victoria. It’s a bit uneven as I’m still getting used to the feel of this wheel. I’ll figure it out soon enough.
Here's the BFL I've been spinning on the Lendrum. I'm really enjoying the color variations in this fiber.
Here’s the BFL I’ve been spinning on the Lendrum. I’m really enjoying the color variations in this fiber.
Orion reproachful
A reproachful feline, “Mommy, whyfor you spin so much? My head, it needs pets.”


  1. Did you really ask “Why do I need a second wheel?” Silly girl, you don’t want to get started defending wheel acquisitions or you’ll have a hard time when you end up like me, coming home with the fourth one… It’s like a puppy, it just followed me home. 🙂

    As for the reproachful feline, I definitely understand that. My little boy Westie just lays at my feet near the wheel and pouts until I stop spinning to give him some love.

    • Had a vision of my house with spinning wheels hopping about and copulating under the tables. Thanks for that.

  2. Two wheels! Oh, I love it. I really am going to have to learn to spin this winter… Also: any word on a wedding shawl? I can’t wait to see what you chose!

    • I *think* I’ve made a decision…but only insofar as I’ve purchased a pattern.
      I have so many Christmas knits to finish that I think I may leave the deciding and yarn purchasing until I am done with those. Because if I start now, I’ll be consumed with interest in THAT project and won’t want to knit anything else.

    • Hah. So far that remains to be seen. The new one seems to be getting more attention. Although really both are being neglected because I have Christmas knitting to finish. Way behind. Sorry wheels. Maybe you’ll get some exercise over the holidays. I feel like a dog owner who wasn’t been walking her dogs.

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