Over-committed. Christmas Knitting Strikes Again.

Why do I do this to myself? Why, sweet spaghetti monster, why?

After last year’s Yuletide fiber marathon I swore I wouldn’t over-commit myself  again. There’s no need to make homemade gifts for every soul on my list.  Not only is it ok to buy gifts for my family members (so long as they are suitably thoughtful), it’s also ok to buy gifts for my co-workers. Two years in a row of giving knitted cotton dish cloths to the whole cubicle row does not necessitate a yearly tradition.

Really, it doesn’t.

Does it?

Why do I feel so guilty?


Why did I see a sudden flash of Christ in a cabled cardigan gazing at me with ill-concealed impatience?

Image from http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3orttz/


  1. So true. This year, I started holiday knitting in August and limited myself to ten gifts for close family and friends only, but as time goes on I have more and more ideas for other presents as well … I must resist!

  2. true, so true, I’ve started knitted gifts in january, been distracted by the wedding, and the baby to come, and I just notice I haven’t knitted anything for my new hubby for Xmas, I’m feeling guilty

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