Pattern Crush

I’ve never gone from first glance at a pattern to casting on this quickly before. It all happened so fast: like an elopement in a Jane Austen novel.

This pattern is my Mr. Wickham. And my, but he’s a sexy beast.

Twist Pullover by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, as seen on Ravelry and in Knit.Wear Spring 2012.

This weekend, I finally got around to picking up the latest issue of knit.wear. This nifty little twist pullover is on the cover. An hour after reading this pattern, I was casting on.

This pattern is the physical manifestation of my knitterly turn-ons–or at least one of my “types.”

  • Simple and elegant
  • Sculptural interest created by manipulation of the fabric, rather than complex construction
  • Versatility (it can be worn as shown, or loose and drapey)
  • Modest amount of instructions (not at all like the high-maintenance patterns I’ve been dallying with of late)

Wonder of wonders, I already had suitable yarn for this pattern in my stash. A local knitting pal and proprietor of Sophie & Me on Etsy sold me this yarn one of the first times we met. It’s a Leicester/silk blend in a colorway called “spice market.” It should feel luscious against my skin.

Stanley got in on the fun, as I wound the yarn last night. My swift is quickly becoming one of his favorite cat toys.

His little paw is a blur as he bats at the dangling yarn.
And here he is EATING the yarn. Crap! Yes, that’s my panicked hand darting in from the right.


  1. the sweater has indeed a very interesting shape, You’re lucky to had the perfect yarn for the project! I cannot wait to see it done.
    Ah cats!!!

  2. Remy has learned that the umbrella swift hurts when he bats at it in motion, so he mostly just stares at it wide-eyed while I wind these days. He does love to crawl in under it when it stops though.

    • My cats haven’t learned that lesson yet, but I’m sure they soon will. I suppose that at a certain speed it’s no fun to watch any more.

  3. I read this post and comments and laughed pretty hard. My cat is still interested in the swift but won’t go near it. I think he got rope burn on his paws.

    • One of these days the cat is going to try to catch the yarn when the swift is actually spinning and then he might be sorry.

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