Father’s Day Gifts I Could Have Knitted If I’d Planned Ahead

Yesterday, Mashable posted a fun infographic, What Gift Will Dad Open This Father’s Day?

I particularly enjoy the part that predicts the types of gifts characteristic of different parts of the United States. To sum up:

  • Washington: Coffee machine
  • Oregon: Leather belt
  • California: Hiking stick
  • Minnesota: Ties
  • Texas: Grill tools
  • Illinois: Personalized golf balls
  • New York: Spa gifts
  • Pennsylvania: Slippers
  • New Jersey: Watch
  • South Carolina: Golf shoes
  • Florida: Golf gifts
  • Virginia: “Father’s Day gifts” (apparently they couldn’t draw out a single theme)

This got me thinking. What knitted gifts could be made along these lines? And then, of course, I had to go out on Ravelry and look. For your amusement, here are the results of my search. Perhaps this will give you some ideas for next year.

Washington: Coffee Machine

We start out with perhaps the wackiest of the lot. Knitting in Color brought this particular item to my attention. Know what it is? It’s a knitted coffee filter. Can you imagine making such a thing? And then washing and reusing it every day? Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

A knitted coffee filter from The Art of Knitting, published by Butterick in September of 1897 (reproduction sold by Iva Rose).

Oregon: Leather Belt

I could not find any patterns for knitted leather. I suppose it could be done, though, if you had thin strips of leather to work with. I did, however find the pattern below. I think this is pretty handsome.

Linen Stitch Belt, by Sarah E. White, as seen on Ravelry

California: Hiking Stick

I can’t think of a way to knit a hiking stick, even with some serious felting to help out 😉 So, I turn to other hiking accessories suitable for Dad. Dad always needs a sturdy pair of hiking socks. I think these fit the bill.

Hiking Socks by Kristin Spurkland, as seen on Ravelry

Minnesota: Ties

This one is just too easy. I’ve seen lots of patterns for awesome knitted ties. Some have a vintage, 1930’s/1940’s feel to them. I can imagine them being worn by Captain Von Trap.

Seed Stitch Tie by Benyamin Conn, as seen on Ravelry

I also see stuff like this. Total fake out. I can’t believe that’s not from a fancy mens’ store.

Yes this is knitted, really! Tie the Knot tie by Jamie Strong, as seen on Ravelry

Texas: Grill Tools

For the fire-bug dad–we all know one. He’s never happier than when he’s singeing huge hunks of meat in the back yard. Enjoy this grill mitt, protect your digits from the flames, and live to grill another day.

Grill Mitt by Lion Brand Yarn, as seen on Ravelry.

Illinois: Personalized Golf Balls

I was very surprised not to find any golf ball related accessories. No bags for holding your balls on the course (although that’s sort of a no-brainer). And no amigurimi patterns for golf balls either. It is my opinion, however, that if you can knit or crochet these scary-looking bunnies, then you can certainly knit round white balls. Perhaps they could be filled with a cedar ball and used as deodorizers for golf shoes.

Believe it or not, these are referred to as “sweet spring bunnies.” As seen on Makezine.com

New York: Spa Gifts

I honestly don’t think my dad would ever use such a set, but I bet there are Dads out there who would. And for those Dads, here are the perfect hand knit spa accessories.

Pamper Yourself Spa Set by Margie Mitchell, as seen on Ravelry

Pennsylvania: Slippers

My Dad wears slippers around the house all year round, since we’re a leave your shoes and all that icky outside dirt at the door kind of family.

Men’s Felted Moc Slippers by Julie, as seen on Ravelry

New Jersey: Watch

Up here in Minnesota, a lot of Dads enjoy outdoor winter sports. And the last thing you want to have to do when it’s cold out is peel up you sleeve, exposing your skin to the frigid air, in order to look at your watch. With this flexible knitted band, Dad can wear a wristwatch on the outside of his coat.

Boogie time by Wendy Bernard, as seen on Ravelry

South Carolina: Golf shoes

Does Dad go out golfing wearing unsightly white socks all they way up to his calves? Protect your Dad from fashion faux pas on the golf course by knitting him a pair of short cuffed socks like these.  Make the cuffs a little higher if he spends a lot of time in the rough or the sand trap.

Golf/Athletic Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott, as seen on Ravelry

Florida: Golf gifts

And yet more golf gifts. The time has come to showcase the wealth of golf club patterns available out on Ravelry. For the classy Dad, knit up a set of monogrammed club covers. For the Dad who tends to curse when he misses the green, make a set of these. And for the geek Dad (I know so many) nothing can top a set of these:

Star Wars Golf Club Covers by Katie LeComte, as seen on Ravelry

Or these:

Justice League Golf Club Cover Collection by Tracey Rediker, as seen on Ravelry

Virginia: “Father’s Day gifts” 

Not much guidance from the great state of Virginia. I did a quick search on Ravelry for generic “Father’s Day gifts” and this dish cloth popped up. Ah! Perfect!

After a long afternoon of grilling in the back yard, there will be no better way to prove your love than with this #1 Dad dish cloth. As soon as Dad has unwrapped it and finished admiring it, take it from him and leave him to relax and enjoy a beer, while you go inside to do the dishes. No better gift than a thoughtful gesture from a kid that Dad’s raised right.

Father’s Day Cloth by Kris Knits, as seen on Ravelry


      • Looks like it! I had to check out the search results to see what local fathers did get for father’s day (which was on May, 17th in Germany – I was quite surprised to read so much about father’s day this weekend). Not much to go on for knitters – mostly ‘funny stuff with beer’, ‘funny stuff with soccer’ and ‘useless and supposedly funny stuff for the car’. Seems the German male is either underappreciated or truly one-dimensional…

      • Beer is sort of a theme around here too, only it’s tied in with sports and/or grilling. Preferably both at the same time (i.e., the grand tradition of tailgating). The hiking stick really threw me. I would not have thought of that as a common gift at all. But then, we have no canyon to hike around here, as they do in California.

  1. Again, good laughs! Need to knit that coffee filter!! Too funny! 😎 I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog award. See my post for instructions. You do have a lovely blog!

    • Aww thanks! I guess you would use cotton for the coffee filter? Or linen? Something very fine, of course, or you’ll end up with grounds everywhere. And something that can stand up to lots of washing and a fairly acidic environment.

    • If anyone actually tries making a coffee filter they must share photos it with the rest of us. 🙂

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