Rocky Coast – WIP Wednesday

I’m speeding along on my Rocky Coast cardigan. I bought the yarn two weeks ago and I’ve already finished the main body and now I’m working on the first sleeve.

It’s hard to get it all in one shot. It just ends up looking like a gray blob. Which it is, right now.

I knitted  a couple of gauge swatches in preparation for knitting this cardigan, since I knew I would be using thicker yarn than the pattern originally called for. The body seems to have turned out just fine. The sleeve is a bit on the tight side. I may frog it and try knitting it a little wider. Rrriiiibbbitt.  Live and learn.

I hearz frogz. Tasty, tasty frogz.


  1. That cardigan is looking great – love your yarn and color choice! My ripping out mantra goes like this: “Frogging is good for your karma, frogging is good for your karma, frogging is – Damn it. Sh**. I HATE frogging!” (Or something of that ilk… adjust swearwords according to size of frogged piece and general mood at present)
    PS. Your cat is adorable! I love it when their little faces have irregular markings…

  2. this is going to be so pretty, I love this book there is such wonderful patterns in it. Are you going to knit another pattern from it ?

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