3KCBWDAY4 In Which an Innocent Blog Post about Seasonal Knitting Goes Places I Didn’t Expect

I’m participating in the third annual knitting and crochet blog week

Today’s assignment is to blog about how local seasonal weather affects my craft.

On the surface, here is what I observe about my knitting:

  • In cold weather I crave coziness and warmth. I knit “lap warmer” projects. I prefer wool.
  • In warm weather I crave coolness and easy movement. I gravitate toward smaller projects and breezier yarns.

Well that’s disappointingly unoriginal. I’m not even trying here, am I?

Ah, but that’s just the surface. Ok folks, brace up. It’s time to get real.


I’m a little bit seasonal-affective, like a lot of people. During the winter, I cocoon. When I do, my natural tendency is to choose cozy, comfort projects; large projects that favor lots of time spent on the couch. I choose projects that allow me to become a knitting hermit. Just me and my needles. Plus a cat on my lap and a few good movies on the TV.

My Honey Cowl. This winter I made two of these while visiting at home during the Christmas holidays.

In addition, during the winter, I knit much more for others than I do for myself. I knit gifts. Part of being a little depressed is that I seek approval from others. So I choose projects that feed my desire to be liked.

In the winter, my knitting is therapy, coping mechanism, and emotional crutch.

Oh joy.

Well, I knew this blog post could go to uncomfortable places.


In Minnesota, spring is fickle. This season has more trouble making up its mind than I do when choosing a meal at Panera.

In Spring, my knitting is fickle too. I start new project after new project. And those projects spawn more projects. And I buy a lot of yarn.

I've already purchased the lovely linen yarn to make this pretty flippy skirt. And that's just one of about 10 projects I've got going right now. Pattern is Sasha by Louet.

My spring knitting is hopeful. Sometimes overly hopeful. It’s also intoxicating.

It’s a good thing I like knitting socks. This spring I’ve been buying lots of fingering weight yarn.


If past summers are any indication, my knitting will slow down significantly in the summer. It’s as if the amount of sunshine on my face has an inverse relationship to my attention span. I’ll keep a few small projects on the needles, like socks and dish cloths. Things I can interrupt without a problem and return to with ease.

Last summer I knitted a LOT of dish cloths like this one. What can I say? I'm a bit of a Dr. Who nerd. Pattern my Lorenia Lemas.

What’s this seasonal affective thing? Never heard of it. Wanna go to the farmer’s market? Or for a bike ride? Sure, we can bring our knitting. I have a pair of socks that will fit into my backpack.


My favorite season. The season is still having a pleasant effect on my moods, so I’ve got lots of energy and optimism, but I’ve suddenly got the attention span I need to start thinking about bigger projects again. I begin setting knitting goals again, browsing for patterns, and neatening up my stash. I shop for knitting books. I’m excited about my knitting. Christmas is coming in only a few months. I’ve got loads of time to knit gifts. Maybe this year I’ll finally knit all my gifts. And then I’ll rearrange my closet, and clean out the fridge, and alphabetize my books….


    • It’s been a fun challenge so far. Technically, if you still want to participate you can. You might not “win,” but I suspect few of us really care about winning.

  1. That linen skirt is just gorgeous! And I’ve been meaning to knit up a honey cowl, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

    • The honey cowl is very nice to take to a party. Easy rhythm. And everyone wants to try it on after you bind off.

      • Excellent! I’m always in search of easy projects to take along, where I can just plug away without paying much attention. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Yeah, it definitely will take some time. Also, the pattern is just a little confusing. I’m going to share it with my local guru to make sure I’m understanding it correctly before I begin.

  2. The skirt is one to add to my favorites. It’s gorgeous. I’m kind of the same way with my crochet work, although the spring is the most neglected due to the garden preparations and it hasn’t usually gotten too hot to go outside for a while.

  3. That skirt looks awesome. I need to develop the ovaries to knit that one (not the cahones). 😉 Can’t wait to see how you knit it.

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