The Rhubarb Tweed Shawl, Part 1

I began the dark pink shawl for my new-mom friend last night. I love knitting gifts. As I knit, I spend a lot of time thinking warm fuzzy thoughts about my intended recipient. It’s like one very long  prayer. A prayer made much longer if I get too distracted by Barney’s antics on How I Met Your Mother, my current watch-while-I’m-knitting addiction. I’m all out of Downton Abbey. My friend also loves HIMYM so, if there are any mistakes in the lace, I can tell her which episode I was watching at the time and she’ll get a good laugh out of it.

I’m using Blackstone Tweed in rhubarb. The stitch definition is lovely and I can see why the original pattern called for tweed as well (albeit a slightly more expensive tweed). This Blackstone Tweed feels very strange in my hands. It claims to be a blend of wool, mohair and angora. It feels very plush and almost acrylic-y. Decidedly odd. Looks nice, though.

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