A creature of periodic and intense obsessions

It’s time to face an important truth about myself. A truth that, if my boyfriend is any judge, is glaringly obvious to those who know me.

I am a creature of obsession.

I get fired up and inspired about one particular activity or topic, and the blaze of my obsession (and the smoke that always results from a firey obsession) blots out my other interests.

The title of this blog is particularly telling: “All I Want to Do Is…”

When I first started this blog, it was a dance blog. I was in the midst of a consuming surge of interest in ballroom dancing. I’d been dancing for years, but my enthusiasm had faded. For a few years I went to dances and attended classes because it was a habit. Because going was better than not going and, if I didn’t go, I would be the sort of person who didn’t dance. I didn’t know how to be the sort of person who doesn’t dance. Then something happened to my dancing (I wish I knew what, but I don’t) and suddenly it filled me with staticky joy again. It was a source of positive, addictive energy in my life. All I wanted to do was dance. And when I wasn’t dancing I was tweeting about dancing and reading articles about dancing . All I wanted to think about all day long was dancing. That’s when I started this blog.

Since then, I’ve added “yoga” to the list of things that this blog is about. About a year ago, after a running injury grounded me from the dance studio, I took up yoga and quickly got addicted to that. I could have changed the name of this blog to “All She Wants to Do is Yoga.”

Then this year, around Halloween, my compass needle of obsession (Yes, I have one, doesn’t everyone? Who needs a compass to find their way to physical places? I need one to find way out of my own head to reality.) swung toward knitting, a long neglected hobby.

These days, this blog could be called “All She Wants to Do is Knit.” Not that I’ve written any posts about knitting yet, but I’ve been thinking about it. I’m spending most of my spare time making lovely shawls, hats, and cowls. I’m spending far too much money on yarn. I’m spending more time than I’d care to admit on Ravelry. I’m obsessed. I’m itching to talk about it. To blog about it.

I’m still dancing and yoga-ing. But that’s not what I’m on fire to write about right now.

What’s a girl to do? I’m inconstant. Ever heard the phrase “inconstant as the moon”? It’s an odd phrase because, in reality, the phases of the moon are remarkably regular. However, I think it applies very well to me and my cycles of obsession. I’m inconstant like the moon or the tide. Depend upon it, one day dancing will once again become obsession numero uno.

For now, all I want to do is knit.


  1. Darn me and my mathematical tendencies…. I thought the needle portion of the compass stayed still and the pencil portion rotated around.

    It took me a bit to realize you weren’t talking about the drafting instrument.

    The reason the moon is inconstant is that it’s not always in the day time, nor is it always in the night. Every year, you have the stars’ movement repeated. Every day, you have the sun’s movement repeated. This is not true with the moon.

    Also, eclipses of the moon, and of the sun (by the moon) are on a “regular” pattern. But how the orbital periods interact causes it to appear very complex.

    Now that my nerdy side has adequately commented, now for the more rational side….

    If you just want to knit, then that’s what you should do! Don’t feel bad about doing what you want.

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