Iveta Made It!

The sad truth is that I never have time to watch So You Think You Can Dance live. I always have dance classes scheduled when the show is on. Thank heaven for the Interwebs.

I’d like to repent of my earlier bellyaching about the lack of good ballroom competitors on the show this season. I think the producers hide some of the top 20 from us during the auditions.

Iveta Lukosiute finally made it onto the show this season. *Happy dance.* This is a phenomenal representative from the ballroom world to have on the show. I’m so excited.

  • 2 times World Professional Ten Dance Champion
  • 4 times US National & North American Prof. Ten Dance Champion
  • 3 times US National Classical Showdance Champions
  • 2 times World Classical Showdance Finalist

The fact that she’s done so well in showdance gives me a lot of confidence that she’ll do well in contemporary, hip hop, and anything else the judges can throw at her.

Are you a Facebook fan yet? https://www.facebook.com/D8Iveta?sk=wall  She’s been posting regularly since making it onto the show. It’s a lot of fun to read her updates.

Here’s one more thing that gives me a lot of confidence that she’ll do well on this show—I couldn’t distinguish her from the other dancers during the Sonya Tayeh number.

Watch the Top 10 girls video from last week. I scrutinized the video, watching it multiple times, trying to figure out which one was Iveta…and I couldn’t spot her, not until the very end, when all the girls were lined up for the judges’ comments. Costuming and makeup had a camouflaging effect, no doubt, but the fact that the quality of her movement did not stand out in any way from the other dancers around her was amazing.

Go Iveta! I’ll be rooting for you.

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