In the Humdrums

I think every dancer experiences the humdrums sometimes, but the ubiquity of the experience doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

The humdrums. Hummmm druuummms.

Last night, BF and I went to the monthly USA Dance dance. I’d been thinking about it and even looking forward to it all day. Then we started to dance and the dancing was all off. My balance wasn’t right. The steps felt foreign. It felt as though the floor was made out of a veneer of oak over honey combs.

In short, the dance sucked. And there was nothing I could do about it.

I tried cultivating a more positive attitude. I tried throwing myself into it and hoping the happy feelings would follow. No luck.

Sometimes, a dance is like that. The night is like that. And nothing can save it. The only recourse is strategic retreat. Press the reset button and hope that next time it wall all come out perfectly.  I’ll have saved up a surplus of good dance karma and I will have no choice but to have a good time.

That’s my plan. That’s my prayer.

Are you listening, dance gods?

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