SYTYCD Ballroom Chronicle: Salsa Cristina is Safe

Thank goodness the salsa dancer is safe. She was in the bottom three and had to dance for her life. Her solo was not spectacular…but the ballroom dancers often look odd dancing by themselves.

She's SAFE! Image from

Cristina’s Sonya Tayeh jazz routine was so primal and interesting last night. The judges were all impressed. So was I. I love to see ballroom dancers recognized as real dancers with real talent. So many people in the dance community don’t take ballroom seriously. How do you explain the success of ballroom dancers on a show like this, then? Over and over, on this show, ballroom dancers have shown us extraordinary range and flexibility. They’ve shown they’re not one-trick ponies. They know how to move.

I think that’s what distinguishes the people who do well on this show and the people who don’t. The people who really understand movement–I mean really understand movement–will be able to find a way to grock any style of dance. Those who don’t, will flounder.

Go Cristina. I’m rooting for you!

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