SYTYCD Ballroom Chronicle: Give it the Old College Try


This week’s theme seems to be: At least I gave it the old college try. I’m always really impressed when I see a dancer from a different discipline attack ballroom and really get it. That didn’t happen this week, but never fear, there’s always hope for next episode.

Melinda and Pasha

Not very technically adept. I don't think Melinda really got it. Image from

A messy jive. Pasha looked great, but a bit uncertain of his partner. And with good reason–Melinda was all over the place and didn’t seem to pick up on any of the technique. I have a lot of sympathy for Melinda. Jive is a tough dance to start with. In my opinion, you need to start with a different Latin dance first–Rumba or Cha Cha, or one of Jive’s slower cousins, like East Coast Swing. That’s where you’ll start to figure things out that you need to have figured out by the time you tackle a Jive.

Anya and Kent

So he looks about 12. So the judges referred to Anya as his "Cougar." I think Kent's got something. Eventually. Image from

Kent, God love him. He was having so much fun. He reminds me of nothing so much as a capering Cocker Spaniel. At least he shows some promise. He didn’t get most of the technique, but he was totally committed. And every once in a while he would hit a really good line that told you he’s been paying attention. I look forward to seeing more ballroom from this kid, once he’s had more practice.

Pasha, Anya and Cristina

Pasha, Anya and Cristina--they boiled my brain. Image from

The ballroom showing was better last week. No surprise, considering that you have both halves of the professional pair, plus a professional salsa dancer. Christina’s feet are a little slow and her technique doesn’t measure up to Anya’s. But her performance makes up for it. She’s in the moment.  This is what I’m hoping to see throughout the show.


  1. Sometimes I wonder how many of the judges’ provocative comments are pre-selected and how many are ad-libbed. Viewers expect at least one of the judges to make mildly inappropriate comments. He or she gets to be the “edgy” judge.

    I wish they’d knock it off and be professional and stick to constructive commentary and critique.

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