NaKniSweMo Yarn Acquired


This year I’m preparing for National Knit a Sweater Month in advance. I’ve already identified a couple of patterns that will suit my husband to a T. And last weekend, I managed to find a sweater quantity of the right kind of yarn.

Knitters, you know how hard it is to find a sweater quantity of yarn at an LYS. So often, they have 5 or 6 hanks remaining of a particular color. But when you need 10 or 12, you’re sunk.

Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve achieved a small pre-NaKniSweMo victory. Last weekend, I was in Duluth, MN and visited Yarn Harbor. They had a wonderful selection of Quince & Co. Yarns, including 13 hanks of the Lark base in the Parsley colorway.


Yes, I bought every hank they had. I could probably get away with only 12, but I was convinced that, if I bought fewer hanks, I would jinx myself and would soon regret leaving that last hank behind. When you’re knitting cables, sometimes that yardage really sneaks up on you.

Next comes the swatching. When November 1st comes, I’m going to be ready to go.

I’m thinking about #NAKNISWEMO2016 already


I’m one of those people who gets annoyed at seeing Christmas decorations come out right after Halloween.  I like my holidays low key and in discrete, small chunks.

But uncharacteristically, I’m getting excited about a holiday early this year. A knitting holiday — NAKNISWEMO: National Knit a Sweater Month.

It all started when the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2016 collection came out earlier this week.  I am in love with the men’s sweaters in this collection. Specifically:

Auster (His) by Michele Wang

A gloriously cabled body and simple sleeves. A little challenge. But the sleeves give me a bit of a break with something relatively easy. Those look like saddle shoulders. I really enjoy sewing together sweaters with this kind of shoulder. Much easier than set-in sleeves.


Image as seen on Ravelry: 

Mohr (His) by Norah Gaughan

This one has diamond cables that look like so much fun to knit, combined with an all-over texture that extends down the sleeves. This one features drop shoulders, so once again I would get out of doing  a set-in sleeve (yay!).

One of these two sweaters is definitely going to be my NaKniSweMo2016 project. I just can’t choose which one. I have a month and a half to figure it out and acquire my yarn.

Any one else want to start celebrating/obsessing early with me?