Spinners love to share their tools

My little Akerworks spindle is my favorite travel spindle. It fits into my purse easily. And because it’s made out of carbon fiber and plastic, it’s pretty hard to destroy. I’ve been carrying it around for over a year and the only damage it has sustained is a little bit of bending of the hook (the one part of the spindle made with a softer metal). Believe me, I’ve dropped this sucker dozens of times. This little guy can take a serious beating.

Adan, don’t worry. This is an old photo. I now know that the little black thing in this photo is upside down. 

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the Great River Folk Festival in La Crosse. It’s an outdoor folk music fest that frequently brings in the likes of Claudia Schmidt and Susan Werner. I always bring a fiber project to work on, since I know I’ll be spending all day and most of the evening listening to music. Spinning is the perfect activity for this sort of event. Easy to pick up and put down.

I was surprised and delighted to find out that, this year, I was not the only spinner present. And that other spinner was also spinning on an Akerworks spindle. I quizzed her about it and, it turns out, she had seen me spinning on mine the year before and been inspired to find the company online and order one of her own.

So, naturally we spent some time yacking about our favorite spinning tools. And I came away with a new appreciation of how fiber crafting draws people together. We love to talk about our art and our favorite tools, our preferred sources of wool and the most delectable fiber blends (I’m a big fan of Polwarth and silk).

I also came away from the experience thinking, “I really liked her large spindle. And the marigold whorl. Maybe I need another one…”

We spinners enable each other too.


  1. I keep looking at the Akerworks site for their wheel bobbins. I’m not a huge fan of the plastic ones for my wheel (I don’t dislike them but I feel like I could use some other options once in awhile)…and they make ones for my wheel. I’m pondering selling a couple of my plastic ones and getting a couple Akerworks ones instead 🙂 I’ve heard lovely things about the bobbins.

    Soooooo, there’s that. If I had a love for my drop spindle, I might be tempted by those, as well….but drop spindles and I are not friends. We might be now that I’m better on my wheel but, you know, we’ll see 🙂

    • I like the idea of collapsible bobbins. Great for a travel wheel especially. I can definitely say that I found spindling much easier after a couple years on a wheel.

  2. beautiful spinning! My favorite for travel is a carbon fiber Trindle for many of the same reasons. I wish Akerworks made bobbins for my Journeywheel.

    • Maybe they will soon. They seem to be adding new wheels to their list of those supported all the time. You should email them. Always good to add your voice.

  3. What size whorl and spindle do you like? I spin on a wheel but I started spinning on a hand spindle and I am so tempted to buy an Akerworks to get back into travel spinning. I enjoy your posts too.

    • I tend to prefer small spindles these days. They fit with how I like to use them (i.e., carrying them around in my purse). My spindle is the smallest of the original Akerworks tri fled. They now make even smaller ones. Haven’t tried those yet.

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