Fickleness, Thy Name is Knitter

I’m in a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS phase at home.

Organize, organize.

Sweep, vacuum, dust, cough.

I’m de-cluttering as fiercely and quickly as my husband will permit.

  • Out go the old snow boots, too small by 1.5 sizes.
  • Out go the rock-hard tubes of epoxy and shoe glue.
  • Out go the college notes from classes I barely remember taking.
  • Out go the VHS tapes, unwatched for nearly a decade.
  • Out go the stash of small boxes I never remember to use for wrapping Christmas gifts.

I’ve successfully destashed a goodly portion of my yarn  and knitting book collection too. It feels fabulous. But there’s plenty more yarn where that destash came from. In looking at what I decided to keep, I am struck by my own fickleness as a knitter.

A few months ago I was completely addicted to stranded colorwork. Complex, rich, and painterly. Nothing else would do. I acquired a huge assortment of small, single skeins of yarn in fingering and sport weights, confident I would plow through them in a matter of months.

Only now, a few months later, all I want to knit is lace. Ethereal and feminine; insubstantial as cotton candy; full of air and light. Colorwork feels too heavy for me and completely unappealing. The problem is that my current stash cannot support a lace affinity of any considerable length. If this continues, I may have to buy more yarn.

Buy more yarn? Gah! That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

But my muse-cum-troll growls for lace. LAAACE!  What can I do but feed it?

Meanwhile, that colorwork stash isn’t going anywhere. I thought about jettisoning some of it, but it is a well-chosen collection. And knowing my muse-troll, it can’t survive long on cotton candy. Sooner or later, it’s going to want something heavy and rich. Sooner or later it’s going to howl for meat.

My stash will be ready.



  1. I sympathize! But you are right to save that colorwork stash. Let it ripen a little more. You’ll get back to it.

  2. LOL, After figuring out the loom my MIL gifted me years ago I’ve used all my languishing sock-yarn weight yarns from my sock knitting phase and weird sparkly stuff inherited from my mom for scarves and shawls. Discovery of the year, weaving just eats yarn, allowing me to justify buying more fiber, bwahaha.

  3. Spring cleaning is so exhilarating! Im fickle with yarn too. I need to part with the 26 year olds sled in the garage. Dont think that’s going to be used any time soon!

  4. OMG! I need to do some late spring cleaning! I still have a lot of yarn that needs to be knitted into something for the winter. Goodness. Good job on the cleaning. We all need to get that done!

  5. Oh god I do sympathise, I’m terrible at getting rid of wool, I always think I’ll end up using it! Knitting lace sounds absolutely amazing, I would adore to be able to do that! I’m sure you will go back to your colour work with all the skeins, you don’t want to regret getting rid of the wool. That’s what I tell myself anyway!

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