My UFO list of shame

As suddenly as my summer spinning fever descended, it has now lifted.  Now all I want to do is knit.

However, I’m trying to be disciplined. When the spinning fever hit back in June I set aside several large knitting projects. Now, I am not allowed to cast on any new ones until I finish some of my lingering UFOs. On the docket right now:

  • Boxy by by Joji Locatelli. All my sweater has been lacking, all these long months, is a three needle bind-off, some neck trim, and some small sleeves. Not that hard. Really.
  • Second Story Tee by Debbie O’Neill. Again, a simple matter of doing the finishing. Some seams and some sleeves.
  • Ginny’s Cardigan by Mari Chiba. I have quite a bit of work to go on this one. Mainly sleeves. Then finishing. I may complete this one and give it as a gift, or I may frog it. I’m not wild about the Classic Elite Woodland yarn I used, but I’m unlikely to repurpose it for anything else.
  • Squirrelly Mittens by Elli Stubenrauch. So cute. I was going to knit them for my brother last Christmas. Then I discovered a bad mistake in the colorwork that required ripping out the entire second mitten. So I retired this UFO to the penalty box. Maybe it’s time to pull them out again. I have one good mitten. Seems a shame not to give him a friend.
  • Pi Shawl. The classic Elizabeth Zimmerman, easyeasyeasy shawl. It really is. And it’s gonna be gorgeous because of the yarn I picked. But this unrelieved stockinette is driving me up the wall. I can only knit a few rows at a time before I have to put it down. Why oh why did I decide to knit this in lace weight?
  • Noodle by by Susan Claudino. I started a Noodle almost a year ago. So cute. Then I lost interest. As a result, I have a headless doll lolling around in my project bag. Bad karma, that. It’s bound to attract demons.
  • Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf. I started this two summers ago. Then Christmas knitting got in the way. It’s gorgeous. I have some lovely silk yarn to motivate me. Just need to get back at it.

That’s my current UFO list of shame. What are you shame-knitting right now?


  1. You’ve picked some very pretty patterns! I’m in awe with the Evenstar shawl. Please share when yours is finished!
    I’m shame-knitting a squid. It’s a giant stuffed squid, called Squidpocalypse by Anna Hrachovec. I put it down because it was knit on a tight gauge and those endless bobbles were killing my hands. I’ve picked it back up recently and changing metal to wooden needles has helped. I wanna get it finished so I can cast on the campside shawl!

  2. You’ve got plenty to pick from! I generally love Joji patterns, although that one’s not my favorite. That Evenstar pattern seems totally you though. I bet once you “get back at it” you’ll be just as addicted as you were at first.

  3. Ugh, this is timely. I’ve got two half finished sweaters that I vowed I would finish since I also have a sweater’s worth of yarn on it’s way to me. One, Funky Grandpa, only needs sleeves. Except I started the sleeves before I put it down. And, well, I have no clue where I am on the sleeves. So, I’ll probably have to rip out my half done sleeve and start it over. The ripping seems so daunting!

    • I adore that Funky Grandpa sweater. Hope you find your sleeves. Sleeves are one of my least favorite parts of sweaters. Maybe I need to add some more bits of visual or tactile interest.

  4. Quite a list of lovely projects and you will eventually get them all done. I recently made a decision to either finish or frog. Many were frogged. Now I only (for now) have a sweater, a cowl, socks and two shawls. 😊

  5. Perhaps I’m strange but I don’t really have UFOs so much as WIPs that slightly hibernate. I pull them out once in awhile, unless they were in Time Out, work a little bit on them here and there, and then they go back into a pseudo-hibernation.

    Apparently I’m strange.

    I try to keep my WIPs down and work on them while starting new projects….but it doesn’t always work.

  6. I have a cabled shawl that will be revived at some point, but right now I am very current on things I really do plan to finish. Now, the umpteen things I may never get back to? We’re just not gonna mention those.

  7. Hmm… my list might include two sweaters, one nearly finished poncho, four pairs of socks, a ripped-back baby sweater and big plans to cast on yet more knits!!! Happy knitting!

    • Hmm. Ripped back baby sweater. I suppose by the time that one is done again it will have to be for a different baby. Unless you make it bigger. Why can’t they stop growing so you can get your knits done? So inconsiderate.

  8. Good luck with your list! I’m trying to finish a bunch of half-knit stuff I started years ago. The oldest is a pair of basic top-down socks from 4 years ago. I don’t even know what my excuse is with those, really.

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