What I Love About Local Fiber Festivals

There’s something I just love about small, local fiber festivals. Many somethings.

It’s easy to get close to the action.

We watched two or three sheep shearings over the course of the afternoon, marveling at the shearer’s facility with each animal. He must have thighs of steel! We had a front row seat each and every time, because there were no other rows.


The vendors feel comfortable enough with their audience to sell joke items as well as the serious stuff.

We’re all neighbors here (roughly speaking). A vendor can put something like this out and feel pretty certain that everyone will get the joke. And some folks may even be tickled enough to fork over a few dollars for a “fancy” stick.


The animals seem relaxed 

The human visitors come to visit the animals in calm trickles, not floods. Probably a more relaxing experience for everybody.



At the craft demos, you can hear what’s going on.

No need to strain to hear the instructors. And it’s easy to ask questions too.

Here we were watching a team processing flax from start to finish.



You might be standing right there when they break the world record for distance in long-draw spinning

Like, right next to them.  Well, ok, they didn’t break a record on this day; not even their own personal best. But it was fun to watch them try.


And best of all, all of this entertainment was mine for free (after paying $5 for parking).


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