While everyone else was at Rhinebeck, this is what I was knitting

I’ve never been to Rhinebeck (formally known as the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival). It’s a little far for me to travel on a whim. But thanks to all you wonderful bloggers and podcasters, I’ve been able to attend vicariously.

  • Lollyknits posted some cute, smiley photos. I love her sweater. I love the sweater the man is wearing in picture number four even more.
  • Knitting to Stay Sane shared some delightful market purchases and two sweaters finished just in time to wear to the festival (although we only got to see a photo of one of them).
  • Stockinette Zombies, because I’ve been looking forward to your Rhinebeck update more than anyone else’s. Probably because you guys hail from my own town and I feel I can attend the event even more vicariously through you than through anyone else.

Back home in Minnesota, I indulged in my own Rhinebeck experience.

  • I “shopped” for Rhinebeck yarn on Instagram. The #rhinebeck2014 tag and the #Rhinebecksweater tag turn up some very inspiring photos.
  • I watched the leaves turn orange and blanket my front yard. “They have maple and oak leaves just like these in NY,” I thought,  “only I get to rake them. Joy!”
  • I finished a Rhinebeck sweater.
My “Rhinebeck sweater”. Pattern is Bray by Jared Flood. Yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Soot colorway.

While technically a Rhinebeck sweater is supposed to be completed before you go to Rhinebeck,  there is an equally proud tradition of finishing your Rhinebeck sweater in the hotel room after you get to Rhinebeck. I finished this one on Sunday morning. So if I had actually been at Rhinebeck I could technically still have worn it to the event.

I might have been able to finish two Rhinebeck sweaters last weekend, but sadly the Briar Rose tunic just wasn’t ready. I blocked the body a little too large the first time around. I had intended to sew the sleeves on last weekend. Instead, the sweater spent the weekend  sulking (read: re-blocking) in my guest room. Don’t worry, cute little sweater. You didn’t get to come out for Rhinebeck, but I’ll wear you someplace snazzy, I promise.


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