Popovers for Birthday Breakfast

Happy birthday to me. I’m 33 years old today.

We’re visiting my parents for the week while my husband attends a grad school orientation class.  Mom offered to make popovers for my birthday breakfast. Who could say no to that? “It’ll be just like Little Women!” I crowed.

Popovers all poofy and gorgeous, straight out of the oven.
And here's Mom "stabbing" the popovers to release the air.
And here’s Mom “stabbing” the popovers to release the air.
Mmm. Popovers with sour cherry jam. Heaven.
Mmm. Popovers with sour cherry jam. Heaven.

Tonight I’ll go along with mom to her knitting group.

And later this week we’ll play with her drum carder. I brought along most of my cleaned Jacob fleece for us to experiment with.


  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! The day is almost done where I am – definitely late enough to raise a glass of red wine to your health and happiness.
    Do you think your mom might be willing to share the popover recipe? 🙂 They look delicious!

    • The recipe is from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion cook book.

      3 large eggs
      12 oz whole milk
      scant 1.5 c all purpose flour
      1/2 tsp salt
      2 oz unsalted melted butter

      You probably want to find a proper recipe online to follow. The ingredients need to be incorporated in just the right order, with resting periods.

  2. Happy birthday!!!
    I just got off the phone wishing a happy birthday to my favorite guy….my son who also turned 33 today.
    We won’t be able to get together until this week end but popovers and cherry jam sounds good. I just happen to have a few jars of sour cherry jam I put up a month ago.

  3. Congratulations (and the popovers look great!). My daughter and her family are up visiting, and it’s her birthday this week too! We’re planning on spending a fun day on the beach!

  4. I read Little Women when I was small and wanted to know what popovers were. No internet then and no-one knew. Years later I found they were a little like our Yorkshire puddings! Happy Birthday from the Yorkshire Wolds!

      • Not so much – flour a pinch of salt a large egg, let the batter rest and then cook in VERY hot oven and VERY hot fat. They look like the popovers but not quite as tall. You can eat them with jam but the favourite is with onion gravy as a starter before beef. They were invented to fill you up so you didn’t eat so much meat!

  5. Happy Birthday, or Joyeux Anniversaire! Pop overs look like a great start to a birthday day. Thanks for the recipe, they look so good I might just give them a whirl.

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