Shearing a Sheep in Photos

You have to admire an expert sheep shearer who knows exactly what he’s doing. Firm but gentle, so nobody gets excited.

I think this sheep was more anxious about her audience than she was about being sheared.

Sheepshearing1 SheepSheering2 Sheep Sheering 4 Sheep Sheering3 SheepSheering5 SheepSheering6

It’s amazing to me how little of the sheep’s skin/hide seems to get a pass from the clippers. It’s probably my imagination, but watching the shearer, it looks as though he knows where all the sheep’s hidden zippers are. Make a pass here, a pass there, and voila! Naked sheep. Ready to go Boundin’. 

Image from Pixar short Boundin’. Image retrieved from


  1. My daughter had a field trip once in serving grade to a ranch up north. There were sheep and we were told the shearer only had so much time before the sheep would struggle.

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