Two Awesome Knit Tops I’m Going to be Wearing All Summer

I spent much of my free time during the summer of 2012 knitting the Rocky Coast cardigan. I knitted two of them, one in crunchy Shetland wool (for my sister), and another in a lovely alpaca/wool/silk blend (for me). The trouble was, once I was done knitting them there was nothing for me to do but admire them. I tried wearing my cardigan to work one day late in August, trusting to the office air conditioning to make it bearable. I was determined and I wore that cardigan all day long, even on a trek across campus to an unexpected lunch meeting. I sweltered and suffered, but I persevered. Darn it, I wanted to wear my new cardigan.

This summer, I’ve decided to make summer-friendly knits my top priority. So far, I’ve finished two new tops, and I have my sights set on three more.

Finished Tops

#1  Austin Tee by Jean Chung

The original pattern calls for Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima Fine, a 100% cotton yarn. I decided to use Classic Elite Yarns Cerro, a cotton/alpaca blend.

I love the texture of this top, with its modest mesh and fake-out cables. Well, semi-modest mesh. After trying it on I have decided that a tank top is needed underneath. Unless I’m feeling like an exhibitionista.

Austin Tee by Jean Chung

#2  Bonny by tincanknits

I used SweetGeorgia Yarns Merino Silk Lace and I think this tank came out a bit on the small side. I knitted the medium size. Definitely wearable. I’m tempted, however to knit another one with a slightly thicker laceweight yarn so that I have something with a little more drape. This dress dummy has nice abs, but I can always use a little more camouflage.

Bonny by tincanknits

Next Up

Still Waters by Julie Turjoman. I’ve got this one on the needles right now. I’m knitting this with Louet Euroflax Sport.

Linum Tee, byBristol Ivy. I picked up some appropriate yarn at Yarnover in April.

Sterling Peplum by Klever Knits. I’ve got some purple Hempathy ready to go.



    • That color really makes it. And I like the slouchy lace. Seems like it would be pretty universally flattering too.

    • I really live that color too. It works as a layering piece too. When I first finished it, the weather around here was still a little cold so I would wear it over a long sleeved tee.

  1. I’ve had Bonny in my favourites forever! I hem and haw over whether it’s something I’d really wear, but seeing yours I suspect it is. Now to find the time to knit it among all the other projects I have in mind…

  2. They’re both beautiful bit it’s the Bonny that made me go ‘Oh, WOW!’ And I think it works even better in the lovely strong teal colour you’ve used than in the original on the pattern page on Rav. Wear and enjoy. 🙂

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