Last Chance to Win a Color Affection Shawl – Contest Ends May 7

Update: Sorry guys. I had my dates mixed up and thought that today was May 6 (it’s May 7). 

So I’ve changed the contest end date to May 7. Because it just seems really rude to say “today’s the last day” at the end of the day.


Do you support animal adoption?:

Do you love gorgeous hand-knit shawls?

Then this charity fundraiser is definitely for you.

Orion, a shy, cuddle-monkey we adopted from Paws and Claws three years ago.
Orion, a shy, cuddle-monkey we adopted from Paws and Claws three years ago.

I’m giving away a hand-knit Color Affection shawl in a prize drawing for those who choose to join me in supporting Paws and Claws animal shelter, or their local animal shelter. For more information please see this blog post.

The contest ends May 6 at midnight, so there’s still time for you to enter.

Shawl draped


How to enter the shawl drawing

1) Make a donation to your local animal shelter. Here’s a link to my local Paws and Claws animal shelter donation page.

2) Leave a comment. Come back to the original blog post and leave a comment telling me:

  • You made a donation to an animal shelter.  You don’t have to tell me how much.
  • Tell me about the intended recipient of the shawl (Will it be for you? You mom? Your dentist?). Alternatively, tell me a cute pet story.

There will be one entry per person, no matter how much you choose to donate. The winner will be drawn randomly using a random number generator. I will contact the winner via email and will announce the winner here on this blog the week of May 6, 2014.

Thank you to everyone who has participated already. As so many of you have said in your comments, this is about supporting the animal shelters that bring such wonderful critters into our lives. No matter who wins the shawl, everyone who supports wins because they are helping animal companions in need.


  1. BTW, I made my donation to Paws & Claws, but there was nowhere for a “memo” so I couldn’t tell them why.

    You know you’re not allowed to put my name in the hat for the drawing, right?

  2. Oh, I forgot my cute pet story!

    There was this adorable little black-and-white kitten who was found under the bushes in October, not even 3 months old. He was such a hyper little thing that he slammed into a heating grate so hard that he went right through it and tumbled down the heating ducts into the furnace! Luckily, the furnace wasn’t on, so they dismantled it sufficiently to get him out. Then he went to the shelter, where a nice couple was looking for a “little brother” for their cat, who tended to get lonely home alone all day every day. And Orion really wanted a “big brother” (or sister) to pal around with. It would be a perfect match!

    Well, not really, but Orion is wearing him down. They play together now, and they might be BFFs in a couple more years. 🙂

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