Why you should support your local animal shelters: One cat’s opinion


It's Stanley's turn to have his say.
It’s Stanley’s turn to have his say.

Why should you donate to animal shelters, like Paws and Claws? It’s pretty simple. Donations make sure the cats and dogs at the shelter get food and water, blankets and toys. And, most importantly, they get new homes–other people’s homes.

My mom has a problem. She thinks it’s her job to “save” all the homeless critters in the world. And to do this she wants to bring them onto my territory. She has already brought one such interloper into my domain. After three years I’ve learned to tolerate his presence sharing my couch, looking out my windows, sniffing my butt. But I won’t put up with any more. One annoying little brother is more than enough.


He's totally on my half of the couch.
He’s totally on my half of the couch.

So please, for the love of little furry critters, donate to your local animal shelter. Help those cats and dogs stay safe and well and find good homes. Other people’s homes. 

Mom, he's touching me!
Mom, he’s touching me!

My mom has put together a little contest offering one of her hand knit shawls in a prize drawing for people who donate to Paws and Claws or their local animal shelter. I think you should support this because, while knitting this shawl, she gave me hours of lap time. She even let me bat at the yarn a little bit.

Totally a worthy cause.


  1. Thank you for doing this! I am on the board of our local humane society in Polk County WI, and I support any and all such endeavors.

  2. I donate to an animal shelter here in my town. I also have 3 doxies and 2 of them are rescues. They are the best pets I have ever had. I have made myself a promise years ago that I will only have a pet that needs a forever home! I will never shop for a pet. There are too many now that desperately need a good stable home.

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