Sheep to Sweater

My sheep to sweater project is complete.


And there’s still snow on the ground.

Double Woot!

Here are some photos of Drusilla, my trusty knit-wear assistant, modeling my new sweater.

Pattern: Greenwood Pullover by Ann-Marie Jackson

Fiber: Texel wool, undyed.

Fiber prep: Hand-washed, flicked (some of it), and hand-carded.

Spinning: Hand-spun supported long-draw (mostly). Two-ply. No idea about twists per inch, etc… I think there are “enough” and I guess I’ll leave it at that.

I started with 1,480 yards of mostly-worsted weight yarn. I probably used about 1,100 yards for the sweater. The rest is leftovers (which will make a great hat) or was used in swatching.

This sweater is very light-weight and remarkably non-scratchy. I wore it while doing errands this morning. I wanted to show off my sweater to everyone I met: “See this awesome sweater? This used to be Β a fleece until two months ago when I spun it, then knitted it. I am a fiber goddess.”

This sheep to sweater process was so rewarding. I’m going to do it again and again.


  1. I am astonished. What an amazing project you knitted from sheep to sweater. I have sent fleece to be processed but never imagined processing it myself. You are grand!!!

  2. Not only is it a beautiful sweater (no matter where the yarn came from) but you have also actually done the spinning yourself. I am so impressed. I am sure this one will stay with you forever, until it falls apart.

  3. This is so excellent! Congratulations on embracing process and totally killing it. I can’t wait to see more of this.

  4. Your sweater is fantastic, what a satisfying feeling to have processed and spun it all too. You’re inspiring me to get back at my spinning.

  5. It looks beautiful. Do we get to see you modelling it? I’m in awe, seriously. I mean, knitting is a great skill, but the fact that you did the entire process from sheep to jumper is just so impressive. So what’s next?????????

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