A Boneyard Shawl for the Cats

I’d like to be able to claim that I knitted this shawl with my cats in mind. Sadly, this was not the case.

I knitted this shawl from some wonderfully crunchy hand-spun yarn. Some of it was even hand carded.  A mix of Romney and Perendale wool.  I spun it semi-worsted and it came out quite dense.

I thought this simple design – Boneyard by Stephen West – would be perfect for this wool. And I was right. What I should have done, though, is swatch. If I had, I would have known that I should go up a needle size or two. Not to get gauge (that’s not really that important with this shawl), but to ensure the shawl had enough drape to be worn.

Here it is, fashionably draped over a chair.
Here it is, fashionably draped over a chair.

The shawl came out a little too stiff and dense to be worn comfortably. But it makes a wonderful cat blanket. Something for them to nap on during cold winter days.

I gave it to them yesterday as an early Christmas present. They approve.

cat shawl


      • I’m sure it was stunning. And a dog might actually like getting bits of mohair all over her coat 😉

      • It’s pretty but not terribly wearable. I’m sure Mollie would be delighted with it. Though she will happily sleep in mud so that’s not saying much 🙂
        I’m currently knitting Stephen West’s Earth & Sky using a Jamieson & Son Shetland 4ply. It looks fab and it is a stunning pattern – the colours I’m using are blue, brown & grey cos it’s for a male friend – but it would be equally stunning in pink & black. Highly recommended pattern. And easy once you get used to the intarsia needing 3 balls of wool at once!

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