Naming Yarn Colorways Based on Treasured Children’s Books

I have a fantasy in which I am hired by a yarn company to come up with names for all their colorways. Total carte blanche to name them any way I want, using any wild inspiration that tickles my fancy. They pay me big bucks to do this, too.

Until the day this fantasy becomes realty, I’ll have to settle for naming colorways for yucks.

Today I’m coming up with lists of colorways based on my favorite YA novels. Nothing newer than the ’80s in this list. That sure dates me. Here are a couple of these lists.

Colorways inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  by C.S. Lewis

I had to search a bit on the Interwebs to find a cover image that matches the one on my shelf.
  • Daughter of Eve: Apple-y colors, green and red
  • Hide and seek: A shadowed brown, like the inside of a wardrobe
  • Turkish delight: A light, frosted pink color, just like traditional Turkish delight, made with rose water.
  • Tea with Mr. Tumnus: light tea browns mixed with pink tea rose
  • Always winter: A pure, blue-white with blue-ish crystals mixed in.
  • The stone table: Variegated grays and browns, like gray granite.
  • Always a king or queen in Narnia: Rich royal purple
  • Deep magic: A deep, dark purple, with shimmers of a lighter blues or purples in silk.
  • Aslan is on the move: variegated oranges, like a lion’s mane if the lion was also a god.

Colorways inspired by Island of the Blue Dolphinsby Scott O’Dell

  • Cormorant wing: Iridescent black.
  • Abalone: Rosy base with bits of mother-of-pearl shimmer.
  • Blue Dolphins: The exact grayish, blueish color of a dolphin
  • Sea otter: A soft, velvety gray-brown
  • Rontu: A rusty-yellow color
  • Devilfish: Blue of ocean water with shimmery brown and black

I may make this a regular post. There’s so much inspiration just on my own shelves. Plus it’s so enjoyable to share my favorite books with others.


    • I’d be happy to help you name anything in your shop, from the color if your yarn to the color of your carpet.

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