Same Fiber, Very Different Yarns

Both yarns were spun from the same fiber: Frabjous Fibers BFL roving in the Balsam colorway. Both even use the same number of plies: 3.  But the similarities end there.

same fiber

The yarn on the left: 

Spun: On a drop spindle. This was one of my first spinning projects.

Storage: The yarn was wound off my spindle into 3 center-pull balls. And then it sat for three or four months.

Plying: A few months after I acquired my first spinning wheel, I decided to try plying the three balls together.

Color: We see a pretty even color blend.

Comments: The whole thing looks a little bit…chewed upon. Textured and inconsistent. Not surprising given my inexperience.

The yarn on the right:

Spun: Last week on my Lendrum.

Storage: None to speak of. It just finished drying.

Plying: Chain plied.

Color: We see more stripyness and less blending due to the plying method used. It also looks like the colors of the earlier hank are a bit darker overall. The hanks are not from the same dye lot so this is possible.

Comments: It doesn’t look like a velociraptor had its way with it. A lot smoother and more consistent.


  1. That’s an amazing difference – not unexpected I suppose, given the different use of tools. However, I wouldn’t have expected such a difference. Both lovely I might add!

  2. Oh, oh, I’d love to see those two yarns worked up into a project together! Maybe a simple triangular shawlette with wide stripes, to show off the difference in color and texture…

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