Spoiled for Choice at Blacksheep Gathering Market

After classes, Mom and I hit the vendors booths to make our plan of attack for tomorrow. There is so much to choose from. It’s overwhelming.

Through it all, as I carried my Louet Victoria on my back, I thought: gosh, it sure would be nice it they offered a wheel check booth. I would happily pay someone to watch over my wheel bag while I shop.









  1. You’re so lucky! I’ve had this weekend pencilled in for ages to visit the merchant mall for the local Fibre Week in Olds, Alberta but I can’t get there due to all the flooding along with closed roads and bridges near me. Have fun and I look forward to experiencing your market vicariously!

    • Oh dear. Back home we’ve been having an exceptionally cold and rainy spring too. I hope things improve soon.

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