Help Me Justify a Knitting Purchase

I have two WIP on the needles at the moment:

Nachtfalter progress: I just finished knitting the front lace panel of Nachtfalter and am ready to pick up the stitches for the back lace panel.

Vine Street progress: I just finished knitting the decorative waistband on the back half and am ready to work on the body.

The problem: Both projects now require the use of my size 4 metal circular needles!

Nachtfalter is in cotton so there’s no way I’m switching to wooden circulars (my only other option). Plus it’s never a good idea to switch from metal to wood as it can give you a different gauge.

The body of Vine Street is going to be ALL STOCKINETTE. Lord preserve me. I need needles that will knit like lightning. It’s starting to get humid and sticky around here so I’d like to avoid wooden needles.

Am I justified in indulging my completely unreasonable desire to order a new pair of metal circulars. Specifically, say, these stunners?

Size 4 fixed circulars, from Signature Needle Arts. $42. Gack!


  1. ORDER Them. ORDER THEM NOW! Every knitter who loves herself and her hobby should have Signature Needles.

    Honestly. I tried not to love them. I didn’t want to convince myself spending that kind of money on needles would make the slightest bit of difference over my beloved HiyaHiya’s. I could not lie even to myself. They are amazaballs covered in awesome sauce with a side of bacon.

    But do consider yourself warned. Once you go down the rabbit hole that is one set, more will follow as quickly as your budget allows. On the up side you can now order them as convertibles- pick your needle size, order a cable, order more cables later. Or now.

  2. I have heard only good things about Signature needles, but cows will fly before I pay $42 for a pair of needles. :). I have long been a fan of Addi turbos, so I – so far – have resisted even trying Signature!

    • Yeah I knew someone would chime in as the voice of reason. And yeah…$42 is way too much for a reasonable person to pay for needles.

  3. A knitting friend received a pair from her mother and loves them. I’ve never knit with “Signature,” but perhaps it’s time.

  4. OK, here’s the thing. You should have two good sets of EVERY SIZE circular needle. If you do, then when your hands get old and stiff and you struggle to manage with 4 or 5 double point needles, you can replace them with two circulars. That’s how I do all socks, mittens, etc which think they require double points.

    It is never too soon to start building your collection.

  5. Go ahead and order them as long as it doesn’t mean you can’t buy food or pay for you home:) I will stick with my super cheap hand me down Boye circulars and save the extra cash to buy yarn…

  6. You can ask any one who knows me I am very frugal…..however at x-mas time I treated myself and my daughter to signature sock needles. and let me tell you they are a bargain. they are so well made and feel so good in your hands. when you have quality tools to use it really does make a difference in the finished product and also the time it takes to do it.
    I have spent years telling my husband to get the right tool for the job and that it cost more to get a cheap drill that doesn’t do the job because he will then have to replace it……and I don’t tell myself the same thing for my craft. It makes sense to get a quality tool ; )
    ps yes I did find a coupon and knocked off 10% of the cost cause I am frugal. and I also ordered the needles in the form of a kit that included yarn and was priced very well.

  7. knit like the wind! love love love the needles. life is too short to knit with the wrong needles, and too much stockinette requires several WIPs to hold one’s interest and sanity

  8. I have — wait for it — five Signature circs. US#1, #3, #4, #5, and #6. They are Teh Awesome. I blogged about them here, including a letter I got from the president of the company:
    They seem to have changed the cable from the ultra-flexible rubber one (the kind I broke) to a sturdier plastic one, at least on the #1, which is the last one I bought; still very flexible but not as spectacularly so as the rubber ones.

    • The flexibility of the cable is what I hear the most about. That and the stiletto tips. Can’t decide if I want to go for stiletto tips yet.

  9. Knitting is meant to be fun. If you are having having fun because the tools you are using are making knitting tough, get yourself some Signatures!

  10. Q – The way I look at it – Knitting is an addiction, but unlike other addictions such as alcohol. This is a positive outlet. If you had an alcohol, drug or cigarette addiction just think of the $$$$ in purchases and health care. Knitting is a much cheaper addiction! LOL!

  11. Dear girl you’re only as good as your tools – that’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it. I say go for it and them let us know what you think about the Signatures as they are on my “want” list 🙂

    • I actually have one pair already. I bought them a while ago in a size I had been using a lot. And then suddenly I had no patterns in my queue that called for that size.

  12. I agree with Tina, you are only as good as your tools. I’ve seen an improvement in my knitting since I bought the Addi Clicks, go get the needles! Life is too short to drink cheap booze or knit with cheap needles 😉

  13. Who needs to choose needle length, overall length, and point profile? Plus, they are ridiculously expensive! In short: go GET THEM and have them monogrammed (15$ extra – ouch!) so no one can EVER take them away from you. And I will die in jealousy and envy …

  14. My personal opinion is, signature are unnecessarily expensive. The latest needle fetish object is carbon fiber needles, which are lovely, and much less expensive. Let someone get you some Signatures as a gift, though 😀

  15. Hahaha.. ask a bunch of knitters for advice here and you’ll prbably end up broke.. 😉 Serkously though, if you can afford it – go for it ! If they last a knitting-life-time, it’ll be worth the investment. Plus I guess it will be nice tif you’re able to alternate between those projects, since you don’t see to look forward to too much stockinette stitch..

  16. I have four sets of Signature dpns and they are amazing. We invest so much time in the knitting and money in the wool, why not invest in good quality needles, which will likely outlast the FO?

  17. OMG just go for it! If they work half as good as they look it will be well worth the money. I have not tried Signature needles yet but I’m feeling an uncontrollable urge to do so now!! I really do believe that you should use the best tools available. It can make all the difference in the end product! Just keep them away from any and all resident pets! 🙂

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