4KCBWDAY7- Stuffing Every Nook And Cranny with Fiber

Today is the last day of Knit Crochet Blog Week, hosted by Eskimimimakes blog.  The topic of the day is Looking Forward–where do I hope my crafting will take me in the next year?


Overall goal: I want to find ways to stuff fiber into every nook and cranny of my life. Almost nothing makes me happier.

Specific goals:

1) I’d like to tackle color work, preferably with a  Fair Isle pattern.

I just love this Fair Isle sleeveless hoody on the cover of Fearless Fair Isle Knitting. It seems irreverent somehow, as if Fair Isle is “supposed” to be used a certain way, and this pattern is thumbing its nose at those notions. I’m a sucker for irreverent patterns. 

The cover of Fearless Fair Isle Knitting.

2) I’d like to knit something with this lovely red Blackwater Abbey yarn my mother gave me. It’s gorgeous, crunchy wool that screams to be knit into something with intricate cables.

I keep returning to a few  patterns over and over.

Plaits and Links Cardigan by Kathy Zimmerman as seen on Ravelry
134-55 “Chocolate Passion” – Jacket with cables in Alaska by DROPS design as seen on Ravelry
Hawthorne Vest by Marilyn King as seen on Raverly

3) I’d like to knit more projects with my hand spun.  I keep a special drawer in my yarn storage area just for the products of my hand spinning. If I don’t do something in the next few months, that drawer is going to erupt like Mount Vesuvius. If my obituary says something about death by smothering, you’ll know why.

Side note: I was working on this post yesterday and very nearly posted something extremely grouchy. Don’t blog while grouchy. It’s like drunk goggles, if the goggles were  lined with scratchy, itchy wool. Nothing good can come of it. Plus, everyone will know you’re grouchy and that will make you even grouchier. 


  1. Q – Love your post! As usual, makes me smile. 😎 That Blackwater Abbey Yarn is the exact color I want to dye. Super yum! Have you looked at the Greta Vest in Swing, Swagger, Drape? Beautiful cables. Also, Elizabeth Lavold patterns?

  2. this lovely yarn definitively calls for cables.
    I would like to see more of your hand spinned yarn, poor drawer, you need to help it!

  3. Oh I love that beautiful red Blackwater Abbey yarn. Your Mother certainly does have an eye for yarn. I’m really pleased to have found your blog this week and will definitely be checking out your posts in future to see how that handspun drawer comes along!

    • She said that the color turned out to be wrong for her skin tone, but she thought it would suit me. So I lucked out. 🙂

      I’ve been enjoying your posts very much as well. I look forward to seeing where your crafting takes you. Stay in touch.

    • I’ve been thinking I might make it longer too. Although I dunno…that length might actually be better for my body shape. I just feel shy about a short cardigan for some reason.

  4. I love Marilyn King designs. I have her Cable Shawl pattern waiting to cast on after I finish a blanket in the works. It will be a very long term project. Good luck with your goals! Grouchy Blogging. LOL! I need to remember to not do that.

  5. I did once half fill a friend’s bathroom with balloons. If you half fill your house with yarn, you’d still be able to swim through it in a slow, soft-landing sort of a way.

    I also recently met a woman who told me that she’d filled the space under the bath with (well wrapped) yarn. Her husband had yet to discover it.

    There’s hope for us all yet. 🙂

  6. I love color work. I would make the Chocolate passion (love the name too). That red wool love lovely. You seem to know exactly what you want to do, and I say go for it!

  7. You are right about blogging while crabby although I’ve occasionally assigned myself the assignment of writing myself out of it. It works for me, at least, when I tell myself that I need to find a way to write something positive about whatever is going on. Usually by the time I’m done writing, I feel better, whether or not I actually publish it.

    Hugs to you over whatever made you grouchy and BTW, if we are voting, my favorite is the sweater from Drops. Love their stuff and something about that rounded edge just draws my eye more than the others. (And you can’t go wrong with Blackwater Abbey, lovely stuff).

    • It often helps to write myself out of a funk. 🙂 I just have to avoid publishing all that funk, lest it contaminate other people who come into contact with it. Like a stinky cheese.

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