At Times Like This, Everything I Knit is a Prayer Shawl

photo (23)

You see that last lace repeat there? That’s the bit of this shawl I knitted last night while meditating on what happened in Boston yesterday.

The stitches seem mournful, somehow.

But I then I remind myself that dank and dreary thoughts can’t drive out the dark. This is Rowan Kidsilk Haze I’m knitting with, after all. It’s like knitting with bits of angel’s wings. Light as air and radiant with hope.

And that pattern. It reminds me of the Estonian Haga pattern, which means twig or small branch. Bits of a growing tree. Life that grows and goes on.

I’m no pundit and I don’t aspire to be one or to make political statements. I can only think of my fellow human beings who are suffering today. And the streets of a place I have visited, that seem stained now. What can we do to erase what has happened?

I don’t think there’s anything we can do to erase it. We can only go on and make new and better things. It’s such a miracle that we can do that.

My simple bit of knitting can be my prayer for the better world I hope we can create. I can never hope for my prayer to change others, or change God (if you believe in one). I can only hope for it to change me.


  1. Hey CaityRosey, I feel the same. I am teaching a sampler lace shawl class at my LYS and I gave my students this pattern – Twig – about a month ago and they all loved it. Very soothing at these times, I agree. How awful.

  2. I think knitting is very meditative. Many sad thoughts to ponder. But as you said, one of the miracles of the human race is that we can survive such horrible things and still see the good of the world. Prayers to everyone hurting from this tragedy.

  3. this is horrible I cannot beleive this is happening again! why some people does such things life is so precious !

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