In Which I Realize That I Can Knit Anything I Put My Mind To: SYTYCD Yarn Along

Without a doubt, Leroy Martinez was the highlight of the So You Think You Can Dance Salt Lake City Auditions. He may not have been the most talented dancer we saw that night, but I enjoyed watching his audition more than any other I’ve seen so far. This is a guy who works for a doggy day care center by day, and moonlights as a mentor for the Peacemakers, a dance organization for disadvantaged youth.  He comes from a self-professed rough background and he believes in the power of dance to change lives. He is living proof. Kids see a light like that and they’ll follow it anywhere.

A true inspiration. And more charm than a basket full of breakdancing puppies.

I feel as though I witnessed something miraculous in watching Mr. Martinez. He makes you believe that you can really do anything if you try.

During the last year, my knitting has really taken off. It’s as if the fear of challenging myself has melted away. I no longer avoid cables and lace. I no longer shy away from three-dimensional objects larger than a hat. I’m really learning how to read and understand patterns. Really understand them. That’s an amazing thing for me. I feel as though I can pick up any pattern. I can learn any technique. I can diagnose my own mistakes and even mistakes in other people’s patterns.

I can do anything. Just like Leroy. And just like YOU!

Imagine that last thing declared in a loud, ringing Oprah-esque voice.

Ok, I’m done now.  *sheepish*

Here’s one of my recent finished objects: Gemini by Richmond. I finished this a few weeks ago and I’ve already worn it to work three times. When I wear my finished projects to work I feel so accomplished. It’s a big confidence boost. Everybody needs that at work, now and then.

I should have bound off the sleeves a little more tightly. Other than that, i think this turned out pretty well.

There were a few other big highlights from the SLC auditions.

I’ve been disappointed with the quantity and quality of the ballroom contestants in the auditions this year. Ask anyone who knows me. I talk about it a LOT. I’m delighted that Witney Carson made it through to Vegas. I don’t think she measures up to Anya from season 3, but that’s a pretty tall order. Plus, Anya had several more years of dance experience and had been a national finalist before she ever made it to SYTYCD. I remember seeing her on America’s Ballroom Challenge in the early 2000s. Rooting for Witney. Definitely. Image from
I’m really looking forward to seeing what Gene Lonardo (a.k.a. the preying mantis) can do. He’s really got the inhuman movement thing down. And he has a really entertaining androgynous quality that reminds me of Billy from season 7. As Mary Murphy quipped, “the ladies will eat him up.” Totally. Save me some. Image from PbMom’s Blog.


  1. Your Gemini looks great. I want to knit it too. As for the sleeves, you can always pull them tighter with rubber thread or reknit them with smaller needles if you don’t like this way. Personally I find it cute; Gemini with a little flamneco twist.

  2. Yeah, realizing that most of the things I was afraid to try are just new types of challenges was really liberating. (Don’t know if I’ll ever dare steeking, though.)

    • Some day I’ll try steeking, but I think it will have to happen with sample squares. That way it won’t matter if I mess up.

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