Finished Socks

I finished these socks on Saturday morning. My first pair of socks. I don’t know why I have avoided it all these years. All I needed was a clear pattern. So many sock patterns seem to assume a lot of preexisting knowledge about sock construction.

My first finished pair of socks. Only 11 pairs left to knit for 2012.

These are simple stockinette stitch socks with a 1×1 rib on the top, knit on #2 double-pointed needles.

A wise woman once advised me to begin my socks with a couple of rows knitted straight, before joining them in the round. This helps me to avoid twisting the stitches, which is so easy to do when juggling four or five tiny needles. Just make sure to leave a nice long tail so that you can come back later and graft those rows together. No one will be the wiser.

After I finished grafting the toes closed and popped the socks onto my feet I noticed some slight laddering in the toes along the decreases. I went back in with a darning needle and patched those up. In the future I will need to remind myself to watch my toe decreases so that this does not happen.


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