Precious Few Ballroom Dancers So Far on SYTYCD

I’ve been watching the So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 tryouts the last two weeks and have seen fewer ballroom dancers on-screen than in seasons past; just a handful, and no one really spectacular. I’m a bit disappointed. There was only one female Latin dancer whom they spent any significant amount of screen time on, and she wasn’t all that impressive. She seemed very talented, but she has only been dancing for 4 years and it shows. The major thing about her that stood out was her sexy costume, composed of long golden fringe. They invited her to Las Vegas after passing  the choreography round and I’m relieved, if for no other reason than that her costuming will provide a refreshing contrast to the bras-and-boy shorts look most of the girls are sporting.

I know how exciting and entertaining great ballroom dancing can be. I hope the dearth of ballroom dancers on-screen during the tryouts is not sign of things to come this season. You need at least one good ballroom dancer in the top 10, or the quality of the ballroom dancing on the show tanks. The contemporary dancers seem to pick up ballroom reasonably well, but I have yet to see one learn how get properly grounded or grasp enough ballroom technique to look like they know what they’re doing.

Case in point: Danny’s eye-bleeding turnout in this Jive from Season 3.

Poor guy. He’s been dancing contemporary so long that it probably takes an enormous effort of will to close his knees.

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