Twitter Coverage From 2011 MIT Open

2011 MIT Open poster

The 2011 MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competition was held this last weekend. I was thrilled to find out that they were planning to offer live streaming of the competition on their Web site. There are so many competitions out on the East Coast. Those of us who live far away appreciate the courtesy of this access. I hope more competitions follow MIT’s lead. The Harvard Invitational is coming up later this month–another competition that would be wonderful to watch from afar.

Twitter Coverage

There were a few of us following the #MITOBDC hashtag on twitter over the weekend. Here are some of my favorite tweets:

Fri Ap 1 23:41

Professional #Latin dancers Franco Formica and Oxana Lebedew, currently ranked 3rd in world to perform #MITOBDC #MIT

Sat Ap 2 04:49

Another masterpiece from the MIT Open Ballroom Dancing Competition of yesteryears @MITnews @mit150 #MITOBDC

Sat Ap 2 14:10

Don’t forget, you can watch live steaming of MIT ballroom competition here: #MITOBDC #ballroomdancing

Sat Ap 2 14:12

Open American Rhythm finalists announced. A couple from Yale won. #MITOBDC

Sat Ap 2 14:13

Loving the college fashion yoga pants and sneakers underneath sparkly dresses #MITOBDC #ballroomdancing

Sat Ap 2 14:19

“Normally we clap when judges come on the floor. We have cameras to record your applause and that DOES influence your marks.” #MITOBDC

Sat Ap 2 17:32

Prechamp standard dancing now. Go Jason and Lena! You look amazing! #MITOBDC

Sat Ap 2 17:41

So inspiring to watch the V. Waltz. The prechamp dancers move so efficiently. They float. #MITOBDC #ballroomdancing

Sat Ap 2 17:55

Harvard Invitational Ballroom comp coming up later this month. $5K in prizes. #MITOBDC

Sun Ap 3 18:27

#MITOBDC 2011 comes to a conclusion. Hoping 2012 will be bigger and better. @MITNews @MIT_Ballroom @MITengineers @MIT_alumni @CaitlinRDoran


Thanks to @jballabh for taking so many wonderful photos at the competition. Here’s a link to his photo gallery on Twitpic. Here is also a selection of my favorites.

Nice extension
Love the pose. And successful wearing of leopard print takes attitude.

Love the color of this dress. It's like water.

Now that's saucy

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