Twitter Coverage from La Classique du Quebec

I’d like to thank TL & Chris Rader (@DanceWithTLC) for taking the time to provide Twitter coverage from La Classique du Quebec. It looks like it was a phenomenal event. I loved watching the updates as they came in. It’s too bad the mobile coverage was so spotty in the ballroom, otherwise we might have gotten even more!

I particularly love the commentary about men’s and women’s grooming trends. I’m so relieved to hear about the “short loose hair” trend for women. When I competed, I disliked pasting back my hair. I’ve always though that hair with movement was sexier and complimented the dancing better.

@DanceWithTLC’s Twitter Coverage

Fri Feb 11 06:22: For those following #LaClassique – Will tweet as much as possible but reception in the ballroom is a bit on-and-off

Fri Feb 11 06:26: Ready and in the ballroom for 730am – dancing starts at 8! #BecauseWeLoveIt…. #LaClassique #Ballroom #Latin

Fri Feb 11 16:26: Ready for Ballroom round! Now it gets interesting! #LaClassique

Fri Feb 11 20:46: Prof Rising Star Latin Winners – Rafael and Betty from toronto Danny Arbour 2nd place! #LaClassique

Fri Feb 11 21:06: Europeans girls are all wearing loose, short hair!! #Latin #LaClassique

Fri Feb 11 21:13: Europeans men are wearing tux style shirts for latin!! #Latin #LaClassiqu

Fri Feb 11 22:45: Our picks for amateur latin Germany!! #Latin #LaClassique

Sat Feb 12 00:42: 1st place Latin – Zoran and Tatsiana – Croatia #LaClassique

Sat Feb 12 00:43: 1st place Ballroom – Paolo and Sylvia – Italy #LaClassique

Sat Feb 12 09:08: loading up on coffee getting ready to head to the ballroom for another 16-hour day! Giddy Up! #LaClassique

In 2009, TL Rader provided this wonderful Backstage video, posted on YouTube. I hope she provides one this year too! We should get coverage of the competitions like this more often!


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