Some of My Favorite Tweets from Manhattan Amateur Classic

Last weekend’s tweeting experiment from Manhattan Amateur Classic was great fun. A couple of friends agreed to report on the fly. Reading their tweets almost made me feel like I was there. And I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. I received a message from one of my followers saying how much he/she enjoyed the coverage.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the competition:

ManhattanAmClas Sat 15 Jan 15:38

Finals of Syllabus Latin are taking place now….Team Match happening shortly….what crazy ideas will Yang have for this year?? #MAC2011

DTTRC Sat 15 Jan 16:26

Team match was awesome. changing emotions waltz, same sex swing, 3 person fox, and speed relays. #MAC2011

DTTRC Sat 15 Jan 18:35

Open dancers are amazing but I’m astounde at how only ONE of the kids smiled during youth pre-champ Latin. #MAC2011

DTTRC Sat 15 18:50

12 year olds shouldn’t use that much tanning solution or wear lipstick that shade of white. This actually really bothers me. #MAC2011

Mandicraft Sun 16 6:03

I walked into the most beautifully silent ballroom this morning… won’t be that way for long!! #MAC2011

DTTRC Sun 16 6:54

In the ballroom warning up. I have having to practice smooth in my Latin shoes but there’s no other time to practice it. #MAC2011

ManhattanAmClas Sun 16 7:03

Day 3 has started….Newcomer Rhythm…they’re so cute! #MAC2011

DTTRC Sun 16 8:44

Also, we got invigilated for THAT? Parallel right turns? #MAC2011

Mandicraft Sun 16 13;48

Sorry for the delay tweeters, but on-deck has been a bit crazy with start of Junior MAC! Pre-Teen II Standard is in full force! #MAC2011

ManhattanAmClas Sun 16 14:57

Starting Open JI Standard….starting to get to see a little bit of sparkles again! Check our vendors upstairs for a sparkle fix! #MAC2011

NYUSADance Sun 16 19:02

J2 Champ Latin is simply amazing… young, yet so phenomenal!! #MAC2011

Mandicraft Sun 16 21:31

11 dances and the 2011 Manhattan Amateur Classic will be officially finished….wow…what a comp!! #MAC2011

MegPedrick Sun 16 22:41

I’m so sad its over but can’t wait for the next comp! So many new dress ideas, would love to put scissors to fabric tonight… #mac2011

ManhattanAmClas Mon 17 00:34

The floor is up…the risers are down…the Manhattan Center is empty…the MAC is done…#MAC2011

ManhattanAmClas Mon 17 15:04

Thanks to everyone for coming to MAC 2011. So glad you could join us. Here are all the results: #MAC2011

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