Ballroom Dancing on Twitter

A month or two ago, I resolved to begin using Twitter religiously. It’s my goal to help educate my company on the use of social media and felt that I couldn’t serve as a proper source of information without acquiring  a little practical experience. So I dusted off my abandoned Twitter account and decided that I would try tweeting about ballroom dancing. News, events, entertainment, personal opinions, whatever, so long as it was related to ballroom dancing in some way and merited a hashtag like #ballroomdancing, #dancesport or #tango . My goal was to start tweeting tweets relevant to a ballroom enthusiasts and see if I could increase my follower audience.

So far, the experiment has been a modest success. In the past two months I’ve learned a lot about how to write tweets that get noticed and, as a result, I have doubled my number of followers. I get 1-3 new followers every week. These aren’t Ashton Kutcher stats, but I’m excited. I’ve even started a account that publishes a daily digest of #ballroomdancing tweets. It’s mostly my own tweets right now, but I’ve noticed that more people are starting to use my hashtag.

Right now, I’m wondering what my next step should be. Consistency is key. But what else can I do to grow my audience and become a savvier twitter user?

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