Random Dance Question of the Day

What dance would Dr. Who dance?

I always imagine the old fashioned Dr. Who characters doing the Foxtrot. Does anyone else imagine things like this? Try to imagine your favorite characters and the dance they would do…if  they danced?

In the more recent series, they’ve branched out to Dr. characters who seem appropriate for something a little more wild:

Christopher EcclestonPaso Doble, definitely. He’s all angles and black leather drama.

David Tennant – Lindyhop all the way. He’s all jumpy and wiggly.

Matt Smith – I just can’t figure him out. Not a Latin dance….maybe tango? He’s kind of a dark loon. I’ll need to consider this question next season.


  1. Dang! I remember the episode, but I don’t remember him dancing at all. Must rewatch.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t help me figure out what Matt Smith might dance.

  2. I definitely can see Tom Baker (my favorite Doc) doing a Lindy or Salsa, because he’s got that kind of personality.

    With Rose (my fave Doc girl) and Amy, I can see doing a Merengue or Samba. She’s just that outgoing.

  3. You’re right, I can totally see Tom Baker doing the Salsa…probably while continuing to talk about something related to advanced physics. I’m trying to decide if Leela would pick up on salsa right away. I didn’t get the impression that her people were the type to dance. But she IS good at movement and she’s a quick study on most subjects, so I bet she would do fine.

    Rose…yeah, I can see both of those dances working for her. Now you’ve got me thinking about the companions and what dances they would dance, if they danced. This could go on for a while…

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