Good Luck to Everybody at DCDI this Weekend

I may not enjoy competitive dancing myself, but I just LOVE watching it. And rooting for my friends.

This weekend is the DC Dance Inferno competition, held at the University of Maryland campus. Much too far from Minnesota for me to make the trip. But the good news is that I can still catch all the action online. They’ve got a stationary camera set up during all the day events.  And during the finals and evening events they’ll have someone manning the camera and following individual couples around the floor.

Dancers from DCDI a few years ago. Nabbed this on the Uof M's Web site. Pretty, pretty dress.

This is going be a busy weekend for me, what with Rochester Gamers 4th Quarter Game Day happening on Saturday, but hopefully I can get home in time to catch some of the evening session.

Good luck to all my friends and acquaintances who are competing. I’m rooting for you!

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